Monday, May 23, 2011

Grand Finale

After a loooong week of birthday festivities, the main party was yesterday. Ethan wanted puppies, Kaiden wanted Sonic, I tried to talk them into a cool pirate theme with eye patches and blow up swords but they wouldn't budge. Sigh.  What the birthday boys want, birthday boys get.

 Yes, I do realize his cake isn't a puppy, you want Bowsers castle? Bowsers castle it is! Thanks to Jesse for getting the amazing cakes.

Once the main guests left it was time to finally relax after a crazy week.

 Me and my girls. =)
Just when I think I can relax for a while, summer break has snuck up on me.  Wednesday is the last day of school, camp doesn't start until June... I know you other parents feel my pain!

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