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Brothers and Sisters?

Amalia has been sitting up pretty well recently, long enough for me to snap a few photos.
I have to admit, I have been waiting for this, I can start taking thousands of pictures on the 3 of them together now, woo hoo!

 Her little legs are getting so long.  She is getting so coordinated and deliberate with her movements.

And I have just realized that I used the same photo twice, but I have decided it is worth seeing twice!

Most days I do not leave the room until John gets home.  The kids have been getting, er, creative with entertaining themselves.

They know the maids well now and Kaiden, master of disguises, dressed as spiderman.
He walks out the room the maid says, "Hi Kaiden!"

Disappointed he came back in for a better disguise.
And voila! Ethan and Amalia gained a sister!
The scary paart is he is one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen!
These pictures make me laugh so hard whenever I see them, along with slight envy of his perfectly colored lips and nice cheek bones! h…

Days in Dubai

I spend my days hanging out with Amalia, the boys just play with each other, with their 3ds-es and i-touches and watch Disney channel.
When John is at work I do not like to go out, and with there being a mini mart downstairs where I can get just about anything I may need.
So this is what my day looks like before John gets home.

And then I go into Kaiden and Ethans room and find this... A picture really is worth a thousand words! lol
We have been looking for a more permanent place to live in the evenings, look how amazing this is! And I just love the twisted building.
And then I just had to take the kids for ice cream at this indoor- made to look like outdoor shopping area.

This is the actual outdoors of this indoor/outdoor shopping area.

Today when John gets back its back to house shopping! I think we have already found a place but we want to look more just to be sure.
And just look at these faces! I love the faces she makes! My pretty baby.

What I miss most about America? PUBLIX!!!…

1st Date Night in Dubai

Okay, I am IN LOVE with Dubai!
I though it was pretty good, but last night, I am still gushing over.

Simply, perfection.

Okay, now let me stop talking about John and get to telling you what you really want to hear about, Dubai.  Lol.

I think it was by the marina where we went.  We had a friend of ours maids come watch the kids (can't wait to get our own!).  Amalia of course came with us (I am still breastfeeding, and this baby refuses to eat food).
So off we go.  This place was in a hotel, a very large, lavish hotel. There is a shopping area, I don't dare call it a mall.  Its indoors but they make it appear as though it is outdoors and it is beautiful.  Shame on me for not taking photos.  I have been so lost in this new experience that I don't always pull out the camera to capture every amazing thing.

I did get a few though.

We ate at a really nice Indian restaurant.  Okay, so I think this is …

A Whole New World

Everyone is asking for pictures and information on our experience in Dubai.

Yes, they all do where that "outfit".

The ladies wear black, the men wear white.

Some ladies show the face, some show just the eyes and some have a black veil covering the entire face.

And yes, they all have amazing designer handbags and the most fabulous sunglasses.

Believe it or not, some have designs on the sleeves by the wrist, which match the head covering.

Oh, some just wear jeans a long shirt and the head covering.

Under the black some wear skinny jeans and nice high heels (the young slimmer ladies).

I know most believe that women are considered second class citizens.  From what I have observed the men are always helping the women with the children and they seem to get along well.  Mostly though the women are very tight knit and go out in groups of 3 to 6 and laugh and talk and of course SHOP together. And they have all been very sweet to me so far.

I observed all of this at the mall, very l…

The Journey

As you guys can imagine it took a lot of work to get here.  First we sold the house (and everything in it, we wanted a completely fresh start) and moved into a furnished apartment then had to pack everything from there to ship to Dubai then the trip here of course.  Not to mention much more obstacles and life dramas we had to overcome.  But, here we are, and it feels good, no GREAT.

No cell phones yet (we have no one to call), so no texts, not getting the urge to check facebook or any other social media out of habit etc.  Just loads of time to spend together, and of course for me to catch up on the blog while John works from his computer.

Speaking of catching up on the blog there are a few things I know I will not have time to catch up on.

1.  August 11th Amalia turned 5 months!! Happy Birthday baby girl!!!

2.  August 15th our 3 year (not wedding) Anniversary!

We moved on August the 16th.  We actually chose August 10th, I just threw that random date out, but when it came time to book…

The Big Farewell

As you all know we have moved to Dubai! And since we have been so busy with the move... and a total of 30hrs travel time, I am only now having time to get caught up on the blog.

Before we left we on course tried to see all our friends and family (who I miss incredibly by the way).
Here Amalia is with her Grandparents.  Daddy came from Florida, we visited Johns parents, and Mummy, well, the last 5 weeks she practically moved in, and when possible worked from home... our home.  So did my sister Bianca.  Bye friends *waaahhh*
 Kids say bye
Everything was surreal, packing, saying good bye, didn't feel real, it still doesn't.
The first hardest goodbye was Daddy, and the second was Mummy and Binx.  Every time I thought of them when we were on the plane I cried.  The boys would just come over and hug me.  
I'm doing well now because skype and facetime makes it seem like they are in my living room everyday.
The last night Mummy and Binky stayed the night.   Mummy and Binx, this w…

Professional Photos

We got back our wedding photos!

It is nice to have every moment of such a beautiful day captured.
I made this while impatiently waiting to get our video back.
These are the unedited pictures (I couldn't wait for the edited ones).

Hope you guys enjoy!