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Baseball In St. Louis

When in Rome... Do as the Romans do.
When in St. Louis, it turns out the go to baseball games. They are obsessed with the cardinals around here so we knew we had to go to a game. We got amazing seats, we were practically on the field!! Just a few weeks ago we were watching the game from the arch, now we are watching the arch from the game!!

What My Heart And Soul Looks Like

I feel so lucky to live with my favorite people in a home so full of love and happiness. This is everyones dream and I am blessed enough to have it be my life.
I love, love, love these photos. If I were to have a picture snapped of my heart and soul, this is exactly what it would  look like. John and I have always had the same vision of what a "Perfect Life" meant to us, and we are so happy that we were able to create it with each other, both for ourselves and for the children. This truly is our Happily Ever After.

Fairy Garden

The weather has been so nice and Amalia is loving our walks.
The neighbours love our walks too because she runs around waving at everyone she sees and every car that goes by. She likes going to other peoples garden as well, but who wouldn't like a fairy in their garden? Definitely not me! This is also the first time I got her to keep her shoes on, yay! It's definitely time to start wearing shoes more often.  Also, this may be tmi, but speaking of firsts, she went poopie in the potty! I have gotter her to pee pee several times but today this was a first.   I am excited because it is so much easier to flush than to clean up a diaper.
She is growing so big and this warm weather is so familiar to her. I think it was tough for her to be inside most of this time not we get to go out everyday and she gets to do what she is more familiar with.
John and the boys have been enjoying the weather as well, they spend a lot of time outside playing ball.
Nothing like perfect weather!  Dubai …

St. Louis Arch

We were is St. Louis over the weekend and decided to visit the famous arch.
We all went to the top, the experience isn't quite what I expected, and I am afraid of heights, but seeing Kaiden's sad little face when I said I'll wait with the baby was enough to get me up there.
There was a baseball game going on at the time and we could see it pretty well from so high up.
I didn't expect there to be so much history involved in this visit.
We toured the museum there as well.
The kids really enjoyed the experience.
Amalia actually loved the ride to the top, she got the giggles like crazy going up and coming back down.

Spring Beauty In The Mid-West

I never imagined that I would ever live in the Mid-West, but ta-da!  Here I am! Being from a tiny town in Jamaica I actually really enjoy the small town feel. The 2 best things are the friendly people and no traffic.
Also, it is beautiful here.   I love seeing the animals, the open fields, the rustic sheds, the spring flowers budding, I love it all.

Look What I've Become

Yep, I am officially a "Soccer Mom."
I knew it would happen eventually since the boys love soccer, especially Ethan.
Kaiden did soccer when he was really little but it wasn't the same.

At the end of their game Ethan was upset and crying saying he wanted to go back to Dubai because "these kids" didn't know how to play properly.
I am trying to explain that American kids don't play soccer like European kids, he doesn't want to hear it.
He played every single day on the beach in Dubai with his friends, who were GREAT players, that he learnt a lot from.  He takes soccer so seriously because he is so good at it, by far the best on the field.

Kaiden is more content playing goalie, he has never been very aggressive, he's more the golfing type but enjoys soccer as well.

And then of course their little teddy bear cheer leader, this girl loves her brothers!!

Blast From The Past

I know all my friends remember this, Archie comics!
I remember the many hours I logged reading this at home, on the beach, laying out at the pool, in trees, with friends, with family, Archie was a big part of my childhood.

I would also sit down and practice drawing the characters over and over again.

Now look who is reading them! Kaiden.  He loves it.  Now I get to read Archie comics with my son.

How do they grow so fast?

When did this happen?

This is the weirdest stage so far for me with the kids.

On one side Kaiden is a little kid and on the other hand he is turning into a teenager.

It is fun doing the things that I used to love with him, I am glad they still sell these comics and I am so happy he likes them too.

I am still in disbelief about how big he is.  He brought jeans to me the other day and said, "Mummy, did you buy me new jeans?"  I said, "no".
I looked at them and they were mine!  We wear the same size socks, I could fit his t-shirts since he was 6,…

Grilled Steak with Mushroom Wine Sauce and Crab Stuffed Potatoes

Treated the family to the typical home cooked meal, but this time I took pictures to share my "recipes" with you guys!
The pictures will show you the ingredients.

Grilled Steak:
Just so you know,  I buy my thyme fresh and leave it in a dish on the counter to dry.
Also at the end added some dried parsley.
I usually don't buy steak sauce but because all my seasonings are still being shipped from Dubai I bought a local sauce.
Instead, or in addition to a steak sauce you can use soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, or goya marinade.
I marinated the steak for about 6 hours in the fridge then Hubby grilled it to medium rare perfection!

Twice Baked Crab Potatoes:
I always feel like potatoes take forever to bake so I always bake them long before I am ready to prepare dinner.
Bake until soft then leave to cool.
Cut around the top of the potatoes as you will see in the pictures and carefully use a spoon to scoop out the inside.
Mix the potatoes with butter, milk, salt, sour cream(if…