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Simple Maternity Photos

Black and white sibling maternity photos.

Change is in the Air

I believe that change is necessary in life, I am all for change.
Change is also very hard sometimes.  My mother has lived in the same house for 13 years (since we moved here), and now she is moving.
It was a l ittle heartbreaking seeing my old room for the last time, telling the neighbours bye etc.
I think the hardest thing for us to all leave behind are the memories of Rachael.
It feels a little silly, because its "just a house", but for us it was a home, filled with love and laughter... and of course all our last memories of Rachael.
I haven't really wanted to admit this, but she has been on my mind.... A LOT.
Every time I have another baby she is especially on my mind. And with the babies middle name being Rachael, it is even more so.
I love being able to incorporate her into their lives, actually with Kaiden and Ethan they were both due on the day she died, they are our families angels, so is she.
When I was putting together this little set up for Baby Benham I had h…

Ready for Everything

With so much assembly going on with the boys new Christmas stuff I am surprised, but happy, that we got the crib stuff all assembled!
I am so pleased with the outcome.
We got the softest Pottery Barn Chamois crib sheet, it is the perfect place to rest the head of an angel.
Everything is coming together so perfectly.

I went through my list of things that a wrote a year ago about what I wanted for 2011.
I do not remember writing this but it was fun to see that I wrote "baby".
We are so blessed to all have each other, love, happiness and peace in our lives.
For 2012 I just pray that everything stays just as perfect.
This year has been so joyful, I can only imagine how much more happiness our little girl will bring to the lives of all of us that love and care about her so dearly already.