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New Obsession Overload

I know the last blog I mentioned the Father's Day Blog.  There was a series of unfortunate events for a Fathers Days video the kids and I made for John.  The final disaster was in our move we sold the dvd player in a garage sale... with the dvd in it!! SO, there goes that blog!

Plus with the move I have been too busy anyway, and now, we are happy and settled.  Whew!

I have good and bad camera news.  You want the good news first or the bad?

Ok, Ill do bad first (I am so excited about the good news.)

My camera got lost in the move, waaaahh!  Devastating.  I however (before I knew it was lost) got an AMAZING new camera!! Yay! It is my new obsession.  I have only had it for a few days now and haven't had time to really explore it, but here are some of the photos I have taken.

 And that's all!!.... for now.

I can't wait to start getting to know my camera better!
By the way, I started this blog 3 or 4 days ago!! I can't believe how crazy busy my life is! (In a good way …

Newly Weds

As expected it has been pure bliss since the I-do's.
Actually, not that much has changed except the smiles we exchange when we refer to each other as "husband" or "wife".
A friend of mine that couldn't make the wedding was in town and offered to take some photos of us, she did an amazing job!
I am only sorry the boys weren't here to be a part of it! (Though they were probably thrilled since they get annoyed with me always wanting photos!)

Even though we are so unbelievably happy we have so many things to look forward to right now.  Very exciting times ahead for our family, so stay tuned!!

P.S.  Did I mention I love this man?  Well, I do, very much.  And Happy Fathers Day! (Fathers Day Blog under construction)

3 Months Old!

The time has flown and our baby girl is 3 months old!
(This happened on the 11th but I have been so busy catching the blog up).

She is so precious.
What I really enjoy right now is she laughs and talks.
I love it.
She REALLY loves to be called pretty, beautiful and I think gorgeous is her favorite!

Her brothers are getting closer and closer to her, I guess it is because they have so much more time being on summer break.
They love her.

We all adore her!

The Aftermath

Since we had so much family from Jamaica and London we decided to not honeymoon immediately so we could spend time with them because:
1 We do not see them often
2  Since they came all that way they stayed about a week

We stayed at Chateu Elan for a few nights that we we had alone time but were still close enough to see everyone during the day and shop, do dinner etc.

Missing everyone but enjoying the quiet.

Mr. and Mrs. John Benham!!!

This is the moment we have both been waiting for for years!
It was perfection.
Nothing short of magical.

We had quite a bit of time after getting ready, there were so many emotions, so happy I laughed, so happy I cried.

I love these photos and am so happy that every moment was captured.  Can't wait to see the professional ones!

                                Waiting for the go ahead
                                        It's time!!
                             Everyone ready to come down

                                                              Mummy 1st

With this ring...
You may kiss your bride!

Ethan is a true romantic.  Whenever we watch movies with happy couples he always says that they are me and John.  For years he has been talking about us getting married. After the ceremony when we came in he was crying.   He said he tried to hold it in as long as possible...                                            Whispering sweet nothings