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Beautiful Resting Place

As some of you know from Johns Facebook, he recently lost his grandfather. I could feel his heartbreak through the phone when he called from work to tell me.
He has talked to me about his wonderful "Grand Daddy Charlie" for many years now as well as Grandma Francis. He was hoping to be able to visit them since we are on this side of the country and unfortunately it did not happen in time. So off to Indiana we went on a road trip to honor the life of his Grandfather. Grandma Francis, even though I had not met her till now, has always been the sweetest to me since John and I have been together, I was very much looking forward to meeting her. I have so much respect for her as a woman and a wife because she has been a loving wife for 64 years and for the last 2 years she visited her husband in a nursing home every day and was at his side till the very end.  That is love! She is so strong and inspiring. I was also thrilled that she got to meet her great Grand Daughter.  It was p…

Benhams In The Big Apple

For Memorial Day this weekend this year we decided to visit my sister in New York.
Mummy told me she was going a few months back so we decided I would go with the baby and we decided to surprise my little sister and have John and the boys come too!

While we were there we got a message from my "Dubai Mummy" Denise that she was in New York at the time (New York is where "home" is for her).
It was FANTASTIC seeing her, I may have shed a tear saying good bye.

I have been to New York before but it was the "chauffeured" experience.
This time we did it real New York style, subways.
They are just as, er, interesting as my sister described!
And her apartment was adorable! I am so proud of my sister!
And her boyfriend Ashley is so prefect for her, it was nice getting to know him better.

We got to light a candle at a cathedral for Rachael. =)

Anyway, here are a few pics of the Benhams in New York!!


People have been asking about my banners recently and I would love to make banners for you guys!
I have actually made one for a friend of mine whose daughter was turning 3.

So just shoot me a message and we can discuss it.

Star Wars Birthday Party

It's that time of year for the boys double birthday party!!
Since I... I mean they are so into star wars that was the obvious choice of a party theme.

It was so cute at the end of the party after the boys opened all their gifts and John says, "Well, what did Mummy and I get you?"  They both shrugged.  I said, "We got you this beautiful party, and that is your gift."
They both hugged us and said thank you without even complaining that we didn't buy them anything, such gracious boys!
Then John brought out their bikes and they went crazy!! It was the cutest thing.

Happy Birthday to our wonderful boys, Happy 7th and 9th Birthday Ethan and Kaiden!