Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Family BBQ

My cousin Robert invited us over Saturday for a Mother's Day BBQ.
I still cannot get over how big my "baby" cousins have gotten! They are still 2 in my mind!

Cousin Michelle held Amalia most of the time and I got to eat with a fork... and a knife!
Happy Mothers Day to me! lol.

I have told John for YEARS that he and Robert would get on really well, and they really are exactly as expected.  It's so special when your family welcomes the one you  love with open arms, they are the most loving family, I'm a lucky girl.

It's so fun living near family!  And it's not just because Robert makes the best BBQ ever!! =)

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  1. Becca- the look on Amalia's face in the swing pic! LOL!