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Reward Chart

The boys are back in school and they deal with the adjustment way better than I have.
I am finally settling back into the very early mornings, all the home work, ridiculous amounts of paperwork that comes home daily, cub scout, taking them to birthday parties etc.
I have been a bit disorganized and decided once and for all to create my own space where I can keep track of everything easily and my space to craft (yay).
The boys are so much older now and I have to constantly adjust my parenting depending on what stage they are in so I came up with this reward chart.
I used a simple clip board, scrapbook paper, and wooden circles you can find in the wood section at Joannes or Michaels, paint, mode podge, and velcro. I decided to have the boys help so they could get excited about the new "program". I had to think of what my kids like most, which is money and candy.
Each circle represents $.25 and they start the week with a full chart that is equal to $5.00 Every time they get in…

How Far We Have Come

My best friend from my U.S. High School, Christina came by to visit us!
I swear we look almost exactly the same as we did back then! I would do a side by side then and now pic but our style then was, well, embarassing.  hahaha!
We both always talked about having our kids being best friends and it turns out that we have had our kids at almost exactly the same time every time!
The boys get along so well and have all grown so much, I can't believe how big our kids are, or how long it has been since High School!
And Baby Emily is making an appearance since (other than me) she is Amalias BFF right now.

Four Beautiful Years

People think of beauty as something they physically see.
What is most beautiful to me is us.
Our love.
Our life.
I have had the most wonderful four years with the man of my dreams.
Happy (dating) Anniversary John Benham!
I love you with all my heart and I look forward to every day with you for the rest of our lives.

Jamaica: How We Surprised The Boys/Video

I have so much going on that I am actually getting things done quicker (you know how that goes).
So here are the pics of our last evening and the Vacation video!!

Jamaica 2013 from Rebecca Benham on Vimeo.

My friends came over after the family pics and we had so much fun reminiscing and catching up. I miss these girls so much, we have so many memories together.

Jamaica: Where I Grew Up

The last time we were in Jamaica I made sure to take the boys to all the places I used to go to.

Going to Aunty Belindas is always a must. I lived 2 doors down from her and it was fun taking the boys to the house I used to live in.
Then Rennies Beach.  We went there just about every weekend, I love going there. It was so sweet when the boys remembered it and begged for me to take them there on this trip. I love how it is so important to them to revisit the places I grew up.
Ethan is so cute, while we were there whenever someone asked where we were from he always responded, "Here!"

Jamaica: A Day Out

I really wanted to visit my Grandmother who passed away since the last time I was in Jamaica so I asked Aunty Belinda to take us out to visit her. Rio Bueno is a beautiful old church on the beach. On the way back we stopped by a historical site, I can't get over how breathtakingly beautiful Jamaica is.