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Swim Meets

This is the boys 3rd year on swim team and they have had such great improvement in their stroke technique and their speed.

  Swim is my favorite activity that they do, though the meets are long and the practice is 5 days a week I enjoy it thoroughly.  This is sadly their last year on the Woodland Waves team and I am hoping that they will join a new team next summer, though they are saying they don't want to.  Amalia will finally be able to join the team next year and has been practicing all summer and she can make it the short length of the pool doing freestyle and breast stroke.

Summer is my favorite time of year, pool days every day!

St. Simon's Island: Baby Zen

When my bestie has a baby it always calls for a trip to St. Simons!  A great time as always, I hope to go back soon!

Farewell Uncle David

A very sad time for my family losing my dear Uncle David.  We had such a great time getting together to honor his life well lived.