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Santa's Visit

Another wonderful visit from Santa this year!

Ethan was really torn up before Santa came, he was worried that he was starting to not believe in Santa and that maybe I was Santa!  He days, "I mean... How do reindeer fly??!!" As he bursts into tears and cried cuddle up on me for a while.  I told him it was the miracle of Christmas because Jesus was a miracle to the earth.

If you remember last year Ethan and Santa were best friends and ate cookies and played cards together.  Which was even more confusing.

I let Santa know about how Ethan was feeling and he gave Ethan the same story I did.  Ethan looked over at me and smiled, his faith was renewed. =)

And of course Amalia had her best friend Kinleigh had to come to get their annual Santa pic together! I'd love to see them continuing this tradition when they are 17!

And let's not discredit the amazing photo of Kaiden with Amalia.  I think I've been extra emotional this season but that makes me tear up.

Christmas Cookies

Talk about complete whirlwind!
November and early December has come and gone and i feel like I was caught in a tornado and landed calmly and peacefully into a quiet Christmas!

We have done so much and no pictures to show for it.  Now that things are calm I can start photographing my family again.  =)

The cookies didn't come out so cute but look how much fun they had making them!

Trick Or Treat!

I am not sure how October has come and gone so quickly, it happened in a flash.

It was a lot of fun and a lot of work and a whole lot of being busy.

Ethan was a ninja, Kaiden a scary something but he didn't wear his mask much because he could hardly see out of it, and Amalia, none other than Michonne from Walking Dead!!

John was also a zombie slayer.  How cute is it that these 2 Dads matched their daughters costumes?

I love it!