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A Safari... In Georgia, Totally Amazing!

I have been talking about doing this safari for a few months now, and I (I'm sorry Binky) promised my sister I wouldn't do a certain thing without her and I completed forgot and did it. So she made me promise again that I wouldn't do this without her, she may or may not have threatened me. Unfortunately John wasn't able to come, I don't think I've done anything like this without him, but someone has to work!
But really, did anyone know you can go on a safari right here in Georgia?! Really, why haven't we all done this before? It is only an hour and fifteen minutes from the city. I highly recommend it, we all loved it and had so much fun!

Farewell To My Dear Grandpa, Miami Trip

We took a road trip to Miami for My lovely Grandpa Leslie's funeral.
I am so happy that we were able to visit with him in February before he passed, I love him so much.  He was extremely intelligent, had a great sense of humor and always fun to be around.

Our first stop, However, was Orlando where I got to see Daddy and Aunty Sally.  Aunty Sally has the sweetest heart and cutest laugh, I miss spending time with her, and was so happy for her to meet Amalia and get to know the boys better.  (Thanks for giving my kids unlimited amounts of ice cream and cookies!)

I found out recently that a great friend of my "ex family" went to the same church Grandpa did, and visited him frequently in the nursing home.  Himself and his wife are such beautiful people and my family and I appreciate that they were there for him to the end.  I was so happy to reconnect with Uncle David and Aunt Bev!!

It was also great to see all the rest of my family again, especially you Kevin, you are just …