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Sand To Snow

My facebook inbox has been filled for days about our move.
Yes, we are back in the USA, yes, for good, unless that changes.
No, we are not with the same company.
We have been extremely blessed with opportunities and we are thankful for a new one.

We are settled in well and the kids are loving the new school.
They didn't skip a beat coming here, they are so confident and secure in themselves and already have new friends.
Baby is enjoying the carpeted floor and has been walking so much more.
Me, I am missing the warmth but loving being back in the US.
John is very happy with the new job and is also happy to be back in the US and with a great company with the nicest boss ever, really, he is such a nice man.

Dubai was an amazing experience, feels like it was an extended vacation where we met a lot of really cool people and had a lot of extraordinary experiences.

The new company has given us the warmest welcome and we are thrilled to be a part of the "family".
I have some pi…

Baby's Birthday Photos

1st Birthday Decor

I had the best time putting together Amalia's 1st Birthday party! (The 1st phase)
Photos of the party to come.

Ski Dubai

Easily the most fun day in Dubai any of us have experienced!
Probably one of the funnest days in our lives!

Words and pictures do not do this place justice.

Kaiden loves penguins ao we of course had to do that as well, they are so so so adorable!  Ski Dubai is the only place in the world where you can touch the penguins.  And experience of a lifetime!
John did the skiing, we all did the bobsled, snow tubing, rolling in the huge inflatable balls and the ski lift.
I was scared to death of everything the whole time but I couldn't stop laughing!

Catching Up With The Kids

I, again, forced the boys to take a few photos for me.
I have about a million photos of Amalia and what feels like just a few of the boys so every so often I get them to sit still and bribe them with candy.
They are growing so much! Kaiden is getting Valentine cards from little girls, which he pretends to not be impressed by.   He just throws them away, I think secretly he likes it.
Ethan is all about playing and football (soccer). When Kaiden got an anonymous Valentine card I said who I thought it was.   Ethan says, no, it must be from Gigi!! Lol, he doesn't understand this whole girl thing quite yet.
Amalia is about to be one year old. I cannot believe it!  She has started walking now and talks more than ever. My favourite is when she says, "Daddy!" and points to whatever she wants.   If she points to him, that means he is to pick her up. She has him wrapped around her little finger. She spends most of her time wanting to be with me though but she likes having him aro…

Very Valentine

I always feel bad for John this time of year.
My birthday then Valentines Day 3 days later. Somehow every year he makes them both special, I think this year was the best though.  (Except that one time when we went to Jamaica on Valentines Day)
The moment I woke up he says, "Happy Velentines Day, will you be mine?" I had the biggest smile on my face.  He is always so romantic.  I walk out into the living room and there are roses, heart biscuits, a gift and heart shaped candles... lit... at 8 in the morning. How does he do this without me knowing?
The day only got better and better.  
Since I cook every night it was time for a break. Dubai has the worst beef EVER so I haven't had a good steak in a while and he knew I have been craving it so he took me to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.  I haven't been there in so long, it felt like we were back in the US again.
I also did my part by getting him and the kids some valentine gifts and decorated the house to set the stage f…

Happy Birthday To Me!

I have been so busy with other things that my birthday snuck up on me so suddenly.
I woke up feeling a bit "off" and came out to a fully decorated living and dining room.
John so sneakily got out of bed and set everything up for me.
Then time for presents!
The boys told me they were making my present, I had no clue what it was but I did not think it would be as good as this.
I LOVE my hand carved heart shaped rocks!
John tries to stay away from buying me clothes, but he saw this Darth Vader hot pink T and knew it was right for me!
Then a "gift card" for a full day of shopping in Dubai! Umm, yes please!
We ate at the Cheesecake Factory there which is always nice because while you eat you look out to the aquarium.
THEN my family back home put money in my account to add to the shopping day.
Let's just say I spent my birthday in the largest most amazing mall in the world doing one of my favourite things, shopping!
And in my old age I was so exhausted that I coul…