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Back in the A

I'm back home, and honestly, I miss Jamaica... a lot.

Last time I left I knew I would be back in just a few short weeks, but this time I have no idea when I will be back, and leaving my Grandmother for the last time EVER.  And leaving Mummy there... again, telling the whole family bye, missing all my friends, the ocean, the food.... Jamaica is my home forever.

I had a bit of fun, saw as many people as possible, waiting for pics from Adam and Mummy, but in the mean time I have a few...

Sunset In Negril on my first day...

Airshow from Aunty B's Verandah on the second...

Quality time with the family before the party (pics of that to come once Adam makes it back to England.)

 The last night, up with Mummy Aunty Susan and Granny Carolyn, telling Adam bye....

Congrats to Adam making the newspaper for beach jouvert..

Now he doesn't have to be jealous of me and Binx anymore and I lost all trash talking rights.
 Will post more pics once I get them.

Now that I am home it is wonderful…

Speed Up the Clock!!!!

Becca said I would probably never add anything to this, but I couldn't sleep and I had to prove her wrong (which doesn't happen often!) so here goes...

First off she has done an amazing job on setting this blog up and designing the site. She is so talented in so many ways and I love how this has turned out and even though we live together and see each other all the time, I love reading her posts to see her take on things. It's very cool.

As you saw in her last entry, she left yesterday to Jamaica to see her Mom and Grandmother who is very sick one last time and to also see old friends. I had too many work things to take care of to be able to go... but NEVER again I can promise you that! I miss her so bad. She comes back Monday so it is a fairly short trip but it seems like its been a month already. (Seriously) We have never been apart this long and for those of you who know us we have one of those very cool relationships where we are together almost all the ti…

Back to Paradise.

I have spent my day shopping and packing, and primping (hair nails etc) getting ready to go back to Jamaica tomorrow.  After 3 short weeks I get to go back and see my Mummy again!

And Adam, my brother from another mother....

It will be a short and sweet trip.  I hear my Grandmother is falling apart more and more daily.  My last trip I knew that I was going to go back and see her again soon (tomorrow), but this it will be the last.  Something I know but can't really wrap my head around.

My bff Patrina will be there the same time to have her daughters christening, which will be cool, I miss Pat and I LOVE BABIES!!!!

(Sorry Pat, stole this from your bbm profile =p, hope you dont mind!)

Aside from all that I am cooking John his rice and peas and chicken, about to go spend the rest of the evening with him.  I don't think we have ever spent this much time away from each other since... well, probably since we met.  It will be a little sad, however, next week will be an amazinnngggg we…

Early Easter

For someone that does not have a job I manage to keep myself pretty busy.  We started off our morning when a stuffed animal made it out the car window thanks to Ethan.  I warned him... but you know how well 4 year old boys listen to wisdom from their mother. Thanks to our hero, John, the puppy was rescued from the side of the road with just a scratch on the eye, which Ethan kissed and made all better.

Had a fun sleep over with Katrinas boys, boys stayed up way too late thanks to NETFLIX (did I mention I'm an addict?)

 Easter egg hunt was great fun, as always.

   After the hunt the boys played at the park....

   And we played with each other... well, you know what I mean!

Some Bunny Loves You!

I have spent a little time on here figuring out how to get new backgrounds and colors and everything I need to make my page prettier.  So many websites and blog templates to choose from, I have a feeling I will be changing the background frequently.

  Went to a meeting with John today... boring, told him I wasn't ever going with him again, but that's a lie.  Friday night and the boys have a movie date with their Gigi, know what that means?? Date night for us!!!!  We decided to go to one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta, The Melting Pot, and I can't wait.  Hopefully we come home to my new favorite thing, Netlix.  Love it.

  I live in a house full of males who only have one thing on their mind... food.  Since I am going to Jamaica for a weekend John's main concern seems to be whether or not I'll cook him up a pot or rice and peas and chicken, and of course I'd love to!!! Since I'll be eating at our favorite restaurant in the whole world without him, it…

Our First Blog!!

This is actually our second blog but since I had no clue what I was doing I somehow lost the actual first one (frustrating!).  I decided to go ahead and give it another try while reminding myself to breathe and keep calm.

Truth is I don't even remember what it said or I could just repeat the whole thing.  Anyway, this is John and my first time blogging, thought it would be cute to catalog our journey, I wish I did this long ago because I am sure there are many things from our past year plus some that we don't remember.

  And it would seem that now is a bad time to start blogging because we have been so unbelievably busy.  Got back from a 10 day trip to Jamaica, wish was wonderful, got to see my family and my Grandmother, who is looking well I must say!! She may disagree, she is however pleased with all the weight she has lost because of her illness.
Back to Atlanta and an immediate spring break, boys were going mad with nothing to do after coming straight back from a trip whe…

About Us

We fell in love and are in the process of living Happily Ever After! The End.

That Happily Ever after includes Kaiden and Ethan, some of the most wonderful little boys EVER, and that isn't an opinion, but a fact. =)

Hopefully, one day, our happily ever after will include a fifth member!  Time will tell... dun dun dunnnnn!