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Jamaica Pat IV: Cousins!

I love Jamaica for so many obvious reasons.
And I do love my family there and my cousins, but my cousins children steal my heart.
I want to be known as the coolest Aunty Becca.  I love that even so far away they get to know who me and the kids are, and since my sister won't give them cousins, these are all the cousins they have. =)

Jamaica Part III:Portland

Port Antonio is such a beautiful, beautiful part of the island.
I have wanted to bring John and the kids for so long and we FINALLY dd it!
Thanks of course to Aunty Belinda for taking us.  The drive is gorgeous oceanside and passing many small islands right off the coast.  Then there are rivers and bamboo rafting, breathtaking mountains and spectacular agriculture.

We stopped by Blue Lagoon and the Amazing Reach falls.  Then a stop over by the marina for a perfect local lunch.  Couldn't have been a more amazing day.