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The Perfect Christmas

We were lucky (smart) enough to get almost all our shopping, and decorating done before Thanksgiving so we were able to really relax and enjoy the season.
By relax I mean tons of holiday movies and Christmas parties… and of course my sister moving in, so lots of time to spend with her.

Amalia had her "surprised" face all morning and she talked in her sleep Christmas Eve saying "Santi! Santi!"  Cutest thing EVER!!

Kaiden started pacing the house from about 3pm saying he was excited.

When we tucked Ethan in he had us feel how hard his heart was pumping and said he was so excited it made his tummy hurt.

Santa lived up to all the hype and we have 3 very happy children.

Hope you all have a happy holiday season and a Happy New Year!

Days of Christmas 10th-16th

It's almost Christmas!
Sending the kids to school feels weird because it feels like it's the holiday all ready and they should be home.
And GREAT news!  Binky (my sister) will be here in a few hours! Yay!
And not as in she's coming to visit, no, she's moving back to Georgia!
And guess where she is living until they get a place…. yes, with us!

Anyway, here are the "Days of Christmas" I have finally caught up on.  Hey Ansell, waiting on your pics! lol.

And I can't help but add how amazingly wonderful Amalias hair is.  It just keeps getting prettier and prettier as it grows, I know it looks like we spend forever styling it to perfect those curls but no, it's wash and wear.

Days Of Christmas 6th-9th

I can't believe I've missed so many posts! This little project is really showing me how quickly the time is flying.
The good news is somewhere in-between these pictures I got a new lens!!!!
I am totally obsessed with it.  Takes a little getting used to but it's so amazing and I can't wait to get to know it better and share even better photos.  The second and 3rd were taken with the new lens, and the 2nd is my favorite.  You can tell the new lens because of he bokeh effect (blur).