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Birthday/Valentines Day

February is a big month for us.  My Birthday-the 11th, Valentines Day- the 14th, half year Anniversary-the 15th.

Our 1st year together we celebrated in Jamaica!

With the baby coming soon this year is a lot quieter, but no less special.
Ethan insisted over and over and over again that everyone sing me Happy Birthday again and again.  I caught the cutest thing on video, notice at the end where he squints his eyes at me.  So precious.
This'll prob be the last pic before baby comes!
My sister got me this fabulous Michael Kors watch, can't wait to get it sized!!!

Valentines Day was cute, I did manage to drag myself to go see The Vow, really cute movie.  I don't want to leave the house again till I go to the hospital.  Keep dreaming, I know.

Now is such a busy time, a time of transition.  A lot going on.  When everything gets moving I'll be sure to update you guys.

I Love you "EVERY Day"

"The best thing about my home is the people I share it with."

Before the shoot... don't act like your kids aren't just like this! Lol.
 Huge! Yes, I am aware it's all belly, but huge none the less. 
 Going through the photo cd I noticed most of the family photos were ruined by Kaiden, I figured I'd make use of his "fun" pics.  Sneaky boy!

I share my life with my absolute favorite people.  It's so nice spending everyday with my best friends.  Ethan asks John, "Why does Mummy always say she loves me, she says it EVERY day!" and " Why does Mummy miss me? I see her EVERY day"Well excuuuuse me for annoying you!  Then he goes on to say, "I wish me you Mummy and Kaiden could get home everyday at the same time." Busted!  See, you feel the same way.