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The Boys Birthday

With all the time that I was spending going back and forth to Orlando and taking care of Daddy I had no time to plan a birthday party, presents NOTHING!

The boys took care of me when I was falling to pieces when Daddy wasn't doing well.  They would literally pick me off the floor together and help me walk when I couldn't find the strength to get up.
Of course John and Amalia were there too, but John had to take care of Amalia while these sweet, special, selfless boys did everything they could for me.

John and I decided that since they deserve the world and have been incredibly understanding when I told them I had absolutely nothing planned, we booked a family trip to Jamaica!!

The day Mummy came to Atlanta for their birthday Kaiden asks, "Can Richard spend the night?"  Well it is the least I could do on their birthday weekend, right? So now Ethan needs a friend to stay over.  Then I throw all the cards in the air and say, "Okay that's it.  I am inviting all…

Happy Birthday Daddy!

I forgot to mention in my Mother's Day post that the Sunday before Mother's Day on our way back from Orlando visiting Daddy, I said to John, "All I want for Mother's Day is for Daddy to be in GA with me."

That Wednesday we were on our way to get Daddy and bring him home! So to John a big thank you, best husband award. =)

My point here is that a part of the reason I wanted Daddy here that soon is that he could spend his birthday with us, so yay! Happy Birthday Daddy we love you and are super happy we could celebrate with you!

Mother's Day At Gibb's Gardens

We really didn't have any plans because our life was so hectic at the time with Daddy just moving here and trying to sort out all his medical stuff it was a whirlwind.
Daddy used to have over 300 orchids at our house in Jamaica it was spectacular!  I thought it would be perfect for us to visit the beautiful Gibb's Gardens.
We all thoroughly enjoyed it there, everything was perfect!!
The update with Daddy is he is much stronger and doing well.  He still gets a bit tired when walking and has loads of meds and breathing treatments, but he is happy and always smiling.

Family Update

I know some of you may have seen on my facebook and instagram that our lives have changed overnight.  And hundreds of you have reached out to, and have been praying for us especially for Daddy.

Even some of my closest friends don't really know the details.

Well after many trips to Orlando to visit Daddy I am finally settled enough to share.

On March 21st I got a call that Daddy  had a tumor the size of a baseball in his frontal lobe of his brain and he was having surgery the very next day.  We of course packed immediately and started our first trip of several trips to Orlando.

My sister flew in and met us there and Daddy's sister was already there.  Daddy was so thin and frail and as you can imagine with a tumor of that size a bit confused and was confusing words etc.

After many hours waiting on pins and needles in the waiting room good news came back, he made it through the surgery! We couldn't be happier but still we were not relaxed until he woke and we got to go back …