Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Family Update

I know some of you may have seen on my facebook and instagram that our lives have changed overnight.  And hundreds of you have reached out to, and have been praying for us especially for Daddy.

Even some of my closest friends don't really know the details.

Well after many trips to Orlando to visit Daddy I am finally settled enough to share.

On March 21st I got a call that Daddy  had a tumor the size of a baseball in his frontal lobe of his brain and he was having surgery the very next day.  We of course packed immediately and started our first trip of several trips to Orlando.

My sister flew in and met us there and Daddy's sister was already there.  Daddy was so thin and frail and as you can imagine with a tumor of that size a bit confused and was confusing words etc.

After many hours waiting on pins and needles in the waiting room good news came back, he made it through the surgery! We couldn't be happier but still we were not relaxed until he woke and we got to go back and be with him.

A few days after surgery a doctor came in and told me the bad news, the tumor was cancerous and they weren't able to get all of it.

After about 2 weeks Daddy went to a rehabilitation facility where he was able to walk again, thank GOD!! And talk and heal.

We all were able to go and visit him even Mummy all the way from England.

After he was released from rehab we picked him up and he is now with us in Atlanta.  He is very happy, as are we and he is really enjoying his grandchildren.  We know this journey isn't over yet as he may be going through radiation and chemotherapy.  Right now we are all just enjoying having him back as there were so many times it seemed he was leaving us.

He has been so solid, brave and strong through all of this and I hope one day I can be as fearless as my Daddy.

I would also like to add that I have never seen parents that are as loving and caring as my mother and father are.  I am thankful for the example they set for my sister and myself that we can pass down to our children.


  1. What a blessing that you could all spend time together to cherish these moments! Carpe Diem!

  2. These pictures make me very very happy!!