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Fall Photos

I managed to get the kids to agree to some fall photos with me.
Amalia was super tired and not cooperating very well so it didn't go as well as I expected.
I was hoping to make it back out before the leaves were all gone, it didn't happen.
Sometimes I forget how busy being a family can get!!

Loving The Feeling Of Fall

The weather is cooler, the leaves are turning red, fall is in the air.
Christmas music is playing in every store and Christmas shopping has begun. We actually got a head start and our Christmas lights are being put up as I type this, didn't want the crew to get busy and not be able to fit us into their schedule.
I love the smell of white pumpkin candles and Autumn scents throughout the house.
Evenings are darker,  which I love this time of year, because I like to see the gentle glow of candle flames in all corners of the house. Snuggling in soft cozy blankets while watching movies with the family, I am loving the feeling of fall!

A Day At The Barn

Over the weekend we had the most beautiful weather for a fall weekend.
Our neighbors (and friends) invited us to a horse show since they have 2 horses a barn in the country.
Of course we went, I love horses and I know Amalia really enjoys animals as well.

Their horses were so well trained, especially Splash, he won 1st place on one of the events!

They are both great, but extremely hairy kissers.
Amalia was nervous at first but then she would accept their kisses.

The other pics are for a site inspection I went on before a shoot I had yesterday, John and Amalia are adorable together!

We are really trying to enjoy the weather before it gets too cold to go out.
Hope everyone else had a great weekend as well!

Halloween 2013

Since John and I had our costumes from our Halloween party, we had to make use of them one more time!
We are Victor and Emily from one of my favorite movies of all time, Corpse Bride.
We hung out with a really fun family, you all  know Amalia's best friend Kinleigh, her family.

Amalia really did a great job trick or treating, she doesn't get scared and she is very friendly and likes people.
The only problem was she kept thinking she could go into peoples houses.
The boys had a great time with their neighborhood friends, and of course they love the candy.
All in all our first Halloween back "home" was everything we knew we were missing out on last year!