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Snow 2017

We got a couple inches of snow, just enough to have a lot of fun fun a few hours, but not too much that it made life hard.   I couldn't resist but take Willa and Ashlyn out for some fun.  Honestly, you guys, American Girl should hire me, I have a talent and a passion for this, I mean come on, how stinking cute are the girls??

Bringing In 2017!

2016 was a GREAT year for our family.

We made a (much smaller than normal for us) move back to the town we originally wanted to come back to after our move from Dubai and it has really been wonderful for us.  It is nice to have a beautiful and private yard and a pool in the neighborhood, definitely a plus for summer.

If you know me any at all, you know I always have a plan, the kind of plans that make people think I am crazy.

I'm not crazy, I just dream big, I love adventure, and I enjoy having big things to work towards.  Of course 2017 will be no different, bigger, crazier dreams than any year so far.  Luckily for me John doesn't find any of mine (our) dreams and goals weird, crazy or out of our reach, he is always quick to jump on board without me even having to convince him.  We are such a good team.

Anyway, here are a few photos from New Years Eve.

We played family games and set up a photo booth and my friend Angela stopped by for a bit.  Honestly, I barely made it till…