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A Georgia Snow Day

It was forecasted that we would have up to one inch of snow so the kids all came home early and played outside with their friends.

As time went by it kept snowing and snowing and snowing! Three and a half inches later the ENTIRE city was shut down.
Kids weren't coming home from school either stuck at school for the night or stuck in the school bus for many hours.

I was shocked, and disgusted to see how many people were making fun of what was happening in GA.  No, we weren't prepared, no one expected this.  Snow melted and froze, the roads were all ice.

People complaining about the stores closing when it is admirable that managers were being thoughtful about there employees.

People that have moved here from very cold regions say they are used to it but have NEVER seen anything like this.  When you say you can drive in the snow you mean on clear roads with snow plows if necessary and probably snow tires as well.

Even with everyones negativity it was so nice to see how our comm…

At The Races

Since we were in Dubai last year we missed what was supposed to be Ethan's 1st Pinewood Derby race.

It's a little nerve racking having 2 boys in the race, you want to make sure they both win something so the other isn't upset.
I was thrilled to see that they both won trophies this year.

And of course Amalia kept holding up Ethan's trophy and car cheering, then if he tried to take it from her she would say, "No! Mine!!"

So happy they can have this time with John.

The gentleman that was in charge this year brought the car he made with his dad 40 years ago, and his dad comes every year.

It's beautiful and inspiring to see this tradition being passed down, and I hope the boys will have all their cars to show their sons and will build cars with them one day.

The boys cars are the silver minecraft ones.

Amalia's "Big Girl" Room

As much as Amalia loves pink, and believe me she really loves pink, I decided to go with a  more neutral room.
I was so nervous she wouldn't like it but she absolutely loves it!!

I think I might love it more though, it is so peaceful, calming and chic.
Good thing I get to hang out with her in there as much as I would like.

We moved her old toys and bookshelf into her closet since she is (let's be honest) still a baby and hasn't outgrown them yet.

I also gave in and am keeping a lot of her toys in the living room, something I swore I would never do, but they are so well hidden you would never know that not even one child lives in this house!

Ballet Photos

My sister gave Amalia this adorable tutu for a part of her Christmas present.
I absolutely adore it!  And since we just ordered Amalia's "big girl" bedroom set and I didn't know how I wanted to decorate the new room I decided to use the tutu for inspiration.

The furniture will arrive any day now, as well as the bedding so I need help making some decisions.

The art work will of course be photos of none other than my sweet little ballerina herself!

Here is the problem, Amalia refused to wear the crystal headpiece that I wore for my wedding, but it's so tasteful and delicate and beautiful.
The photos with the bow came out better, but I really, really, REALLY want to use the ones with the head piece.

What do you guys think? Pick your faves and let me know.  Im guessing I will use 3 or 4 of the top favorites.
Help! I need to print them soon and get them ready to go up!
(The one with Kaiden is because he was my assistant and bribed her with cookies to cooperate.)