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Just For Fun

John and I met at a little Mexican restaurant.  We ate there many many many times together, we built the foundation of our relationship there, a friendship.

Anyway, we go back there from time to time and eat at the same table we always ate at.

We were craving some Mexican so we went in, and it hit us how different things were.  We unexpectedly met, fell in love, and here we are... with a baby!

Amazing how things change.  When you least expect it, life comes along and brings you a fairytale.

Newborn Photos

I am so excited to share with you these darling photos of Amalia. This photographer is fantastic and so amazing with babies.  Here is what she said about our shoot on her blog, "The love of Amalia’s parents towards her was so tangible, it was incredibly sweet. I know most parents come in here just in awe of their little one, but every now and then it feels like you can reach out and touch it. This was one of those beautiful mornings. They started the family with a “his” and a “hers” and now this makes a perfect “theirs”. Congrats guys!" And isn't she right, Amalia is a perfect "ours"!

They are all my favorites, I mean really, how was I expected to choose a few to share?  She is such a doll baby!

Babys First Easter

Let me start off by saying Happy 1 month Birthday Amalia!
Yes, it has been a month already, my baby girl is growing up!  She is 8lbs 12oz and perfectly health (and very spoilt).

This past Sunday was Easter Sunday.  She was not very interested in her Easter basket, which I expected since we didn't put a milk filled boob in there and that's the only thing she in interested in.

The boys loved theirs and enjoyed the Easter bunnys visit.  At the pool the other day some big kids were making fun of Ethan and saying the Easter bunny and Santa are not real, well, that didn't go over very well.  My exceptionally behaved son, Ethan brought up vomit into his mouth (yes, he can do that on demand, gross) and spewed it out all over this boys hair, face, shoulder and arm.  So hard to punish a kid that is defending the Easter Bunny and Santa, so a warning it is!

Easter Beauty
 John, of course, had to throw in a challenge...

 Fabulous Five

Water Baby

It was earlier than I usually do, and I normally like babies 1st swim to be in the ocean, but Florida was just too cold.
Luckily the hot tub  was the perfect warm temperature that she likes having her baths in so we decided to go for it!
She absolutely LOVED her swim! That Jamaican blood! Lol!

The swim completely wore her out! She slept for the remainder of our time at the pool (which was nice so we could relax together in the hot tub).
 I get the feeling she is going to have many, MANY more pool days!

I love that she has so much hair, and its growing quickly as well.  I was finally able to clip a little bow in it, what a cutie!!  Look at her gorgeous eyes, I love my little angel.

Spring Break 2012

For Spring Break we decided to take a road trip to Sandestin and Seaside Florida.
I was so disappointed when I couldn't find my camera before we left.  I searched frantically, no luck.  Good thing the boys both have itouches so I got a few pics and got acquainted with instagram.

The Journey
The Arrival
The Beach
(Okay, she fell asleep on me and it'll be too difficult to make more collages...)


We had a great time.  Of course, as I suspected, as soon as we got home I found my camera.  Go figure.  But I am just happy to have it back!

Amalia is doing well and has blended in perfectly with the family.   The boys love, and spoil her.
Shes being raised just as the boys were, on breast milk and Bob Marley! (I sneak some Taylor in there every so often, hehe)