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Spooky Manicures

Seriously, they are just too cute!
The little girlies came over to get their Halloween themed manicures and they were just so cute! And their nails look amazing!  My friend made them the cutest little Halloween snacks, we are full on Halloween mode over here. Can you tell which girl is accustomed to being photographed constantly? lol

Our "Accidental" Party

We were supposed to have a simple easy day taking the kids to the pumpkin patch/corn maze taking a few of the boys friends and Amalia's friends meeting us there.

The rain had different, much more fun plans for us.
We decided to have the older kids bake cookies and the little girls decorate pumpkins, and of course big kids invited a ton of friends.  omg.  What was I thinking?!!  They had so much fun! Even though it turned into competition, mud all over my rugs, and crazy pillow fights it was a great day.  

Homecoming 2015

Well, the day has come for our kids to have their first homecoming and first actual date!
Everyone was so cute, dressed to impress.  All the boys were such gentlemen and the girls gorgeous little ladies.

So happy my friend came up with the idea to get the kids together for photos before the dance, a day I am sure we won't forget.