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End of a Chapter

Since we are coming to the end of our time in Atlanta, we decided to do some fun things in the city.  And since we have never been before, we decided to do the World of Coca Cola.

But before that we stopped by a little airport so that the boys could see the planes take off and land.  It used to be a naval base so that explains the veheicles in the photos.

Mummy met us here and we went to lunch, she spends every second she can with us knowing we won't be a stones throw away much longer.  I love spending all the extra time with her.  She recently did Coca Cola and did not want to do it again though.

And since it was across the street we went over to centennial olympic park.  Coke is a huge sponsor of the olympics.
Dun know she we representing Jamaica!! Usain Bolt and track and field all the way!!!! Go Jamaica!

Hard to believe we got so much done in one day, and still time to blog! This may be my last blog from Atlanta! Farewell Hotlanta!

Day With Friends

We spent the entire weekend at the pool.  The only pictures I got on Saturday were these before we left the house, something about 20 little boys in the pool (and one spiderman)with water guns... in the rain, prevented me from getting my camera out.
(Notice the matching outfits.  Cheesiest thing I've ever done, but how could I resist?)

John has been telling me about this really nice couple he has known, and they invited us over for a bbq on Sunday.  You know when you have an idea of how you want to be, your life to be, your relationship to be, your children to be in the future? Well they have that, all of it.  I think we have what it takes, on the right track so far. =)

Half way into the bbq the kids were already asking, "Can we come back here sometime?"  Maybe that's why Ethan left his shoes there, to ensure a trip back!! lol.  Nice try Ethan!

Shop, Gym, Chill

I have to admit that I have been extremely lazy as far as the gym goes.
Today I went shopping and some very good salesman convinced me I needed to buy these shoes.
Okay, fine, that isn't exactly how it went.
John wanted new shoes and I ended up leaving with these!
So Mummy came over and we went to the gym together!
I noticed that Mummy spent more time keeping up with writing in her workout book keeping track of her work out, but it turned out I spent more time watching her than working out.
I'm just not ready to work out much, I weigh less than I did before I got pregnant so motivation is non existent right now.

I came home to my favorite weight! My 14lb pumpkin! She gives me a workout, that counts, right?
Judging by this pic she is the one that needs to go to the gym anyway! =)

Got Jokes!

Im in technology heaven.  I still have not gotten over the new camera, but here I am blogging from my new MacBook Pro!

John is beside me on his PC (he got a  mac as well but refuses to conform).  He will soon realize why it is AMAZING and never go back.

Look at my little apple kids.

As you probably guessed, the Barbie pink one belongs to me. =) BARBIE GIRL

Ok, so I have a joke.

I haven't put any jokes on here even though I think I am hilarious but I am still laughing at this one.

When we left Crete we had to fly in to Hamburg and drive 2 hours to Denmark.  We were so hungry and you know me, I don't like fast food so I was looking out for a "real" food place.
Didn't see any.
There was a sign for a town call Ausfahrt and they had a sign for a Mcdonalds, we missed the exit though, so we kept looking for another Mcdonalds.
We passed another exit and it was the same town, Ausfahrt.
A few later I see a Mcdonalds at the next exit... in AUSFAHRT!
So I say to John, &q…

Baby Girl Is 4 Months!

Amalia is already 4 months! This happened 2 days ago but I have been busy catching up the blog.  I did make time to take these pictures of her though!

Her new love is her feet! She found them and won't ever let them go!
We also started feeding her cereal, she did a very good job but she is accustomed to me giving her some food from time to time.
 The boys adore her, Kaiden is of course videoing the whole thing.


Honestly, by time we got to Denmark I was exhausted from all the travelling and different time zones.I am glad we went though, it is a very beautiful place.
I think what John liked most was the 2 hour drive from the Hamburg airport...the Autobahn.

No speed limit? Im not going to lie, I said a prayer before I fell asleep.  We made up about 30 minutes from what the GPS told us it would be.  
Those people sure know how to drive really well though and the follow the rules of the slow/fast lanes... unlike in the US.

Anyway, only a couple pictures of this trip.
 Our hotel
 Some crazy carving
Ready to go home!  Baby girl is such a good traveler!

Wrapping up Crete

We made an excellent choice choosing Crete as our honeymoon destination.  It was so relaxing.  Got floats for our pool and laid out, had afternoon naps and massages.
When we wanted something to do, we could find something.  When we wanted to relax it was always quiet.  Sometimes it seemed like we were the only ones staying at the resort.  As you can see from all the pics you never see another person in a picture. 

 Big girl sitting up!

Party animals! So tan!


We caught a boat ride over to Spinalonga.  It was used for battles and at one time it was a leper colony.  Now, its just the ruins.

Here is the Amalia tour:

Alright, let's see here...
I wonder how many battles were fought here?  hmmmm

 I am still puzzled by this

 Bye Spinalonga!
 After we got back I got my first swim in the ocean! I loved tasting the salt water!
 See me representing?  Oh yeh!
 Another lovely dinner, it was lobster night, yum!

4th of July

Being in Crete, of course we did not celebrate the holiday.It was actually pretty cool that about 10pm John said that he just realized that it was 4th of July! We were so in our zone separated from the world. 
Anyway, while you guys were doing fireworks this is what we did.

We rented a car for a day to go shopping in the town and to see a bit more of the island.
It was, of course, gorgeous there.