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Girls Day out

We love spending time with our friends that we have missed so much since we moved!
I always say a friendship isn't real until it is not convenient anymore and you still make the time for each other.
Kinleigh and Amalia have been best friends since they both just turned one and I absolutely love her mom, Rhonda, who has become such a great friend of mine.
We got the girls together for a fun day out, and no rain was going to stop us from enjoying our time!
From ice cream to dinner, (I know, we got it backwards) we had a wonderful afternoon.
I wish this would let me post videos from my phone because I got such a cute video go Kinleigh playing baby and Amalia playing Mummy and feeding her at dinner!

Georgia Canyons

Since the kids are in a new county they didn't get the winter break, and we normally take that week to do my birthday trip.
Since I have been wanting to hike the canyons I figure we could do the canyons, and save our Mexico trip for another date.
It was a long drive out in the middle of nowhere Georgia but it was absolutely worth it!
I had never seen anything like it, there was a constant stream of water like a very low non existent river, it added such a peaceful energy, it was so calming and beautiful.

Of course I had cut my cake with my Daddy, it was so special to be able to spend my birthday with him.