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Red Riding Hood

I couldn't find a costume that I thought was cute enough for Amalia, so...
I made one.  =)
Amazing what a couple pieces of fabric can can create!
I don't think it could've worked out any better, she is the cutest!

Hello Halloween!

I am so excited that I have finished putting up my decorations!
The moment fall arrived there has been this peaceful feeling in the air and the decorations really makes it feel like we have fully shifted into a new season.
Last year was a very non-halloween Halloween.
So happy to be back in America where I can actually find Halloween stuff.
The only problem I am having is the baby peeling the rats off the stairs, lol.

Last Weekend Of Summer

So sad to see summer go, so we tried to have one last beach trip for the year.
I finally got Ethan to make an appearance in photos, as you can see in some he was not really wanting to participate.
We were also lucky enough to see my bff Darrell again, he hasn't seen the boys in about 4 years but has known them from they were little babies.
I didn't realize I took so many pics.
Looking at them makes me want to go back, it was such a lovely trip, sad saying good bye to the beach till next year.

I think the first is my favorite, what a little character!!

Hubbys Birthday

Last year I felt so limited on his birthday being in a foreign country, I did my best but I wished I could've done so much more.
This year I think I made it up to him.
The only thing I would've done different is order a cake, fondant... not so much fun!
The boys made him a card each, Kaiden's made both of us cry.
I love that the boys love and appreciate him as much as I do.

Happy Birthday to a wonderful man, father, friend, partner.
From the bottom of our hearts, we love you and appreciate you.