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Weekend Fun

After 3 solid weeks of doing "kids stuff", we have a kid free weekend!! (Minus a fetus of course) So, what can an exhausted pregnant girl do? Not much, but we did manage to have a full and entertaining weekend.I had a fudge craving, perfect excuse to take a quick trip to Helen on a Friday evening.  I am so so so glad we went.  I always find Helen to be very romantic, and, as usual, it was.  Can never have too much romance =) 

Between a lot of hand holding and eye gazing we found some time to be a little silly while grabbing some fresh squeezed lemonade, I'm SO making a pitcher of that! 

It was a great break from my typical going to the pool... and I guess that's all I have been doing!! It's obviously not THAT bad to go to the pool frequently, up keeping my summer glow, and spending time with John when he can come with me, but I have been missing my gym time now that I have become lazy and suspended my membership... =(  I seem to keep up on exercise walking th…

"Unofficial" Anniversary

John and I mark today as our "unofficial" anniversary! Doesn't make sense, okay, well here's the truth, we were officially together sometime in November but neither of us remember the day =(  How sad.  How do we choose today to mark the beginning?

Two years ago today is the first time we ever hung out outside my job where we met.  My coworkers and I became friends with John (as we did most our customers) and for the first time he hung out without us outside of work.  It was weird because we never saw him outside our workplace before but it was fun for us to all get to hang out while the rest of us didn't have to work. We didn't know it at the time, but it was the beginning of something BIG.

The very next day some other of my customers invited me to a bbq (yes, as I said I made lots of friends with my customers) and I of course said, SURE!  And John and I ended up hanging out there together.  At the bbq I stepped away to make a phone call and when I was walking…

Baby Everything!

Aside from eating and sleeping, all I do is think about babies! Baby this, baby that, baby Everything! Kaiden loves babies and was more then happy to come to babies r us with us.  John was SO excited to find Baby Armour for boys...  So you can imagine how he felt when he also found it for girls!!! Not exactly what I had in mind, but what does it hurt to teach kids fitness early!?  If this is what it takes to make him happy, this is what we get!
As I mentioned I have been sleeping a little more than usual.  I didn't believe that I was, then John pulled out his phone and showed me pictures of me sleeping everywhere... Including the doctors office! lol. So, ok, he is right sometimes!

This one looks like I barely made it to the bed!
And when I say baby everything, i mean baby EVERYTHING! So when I saw these baby goldfish I had to buy them!
As much as I love my boys and have enjoyed them for summer I am happy they are going back to school.  I just don't have the energy to do all the th…

Feels Like an early Christmas, Thanks Everyone!

Today we woke up feeling like Christmas came early this year, there is so much magic in the air.

In just a few hours our blog has almost views, and we have heard from most of you and have gotten an overwhelming response!

In order of what we have heard the most...

1. Congratulations! We are so happy for you!
2.  Hopefully Becca will finally get a girl! (This one is funny to me)
3. You guys are so cute together! Your baby will be so beautiful!
4. You have finally found love and we are happy for you!

You are all the best! We are so excited and you are all adding to our excitement.  Feels like we are floating on a cloud with "Somewhere over the rainbow" playing in the background... feels like heaven.

Kaiden and Ethan are so excited for a new little brother or sister... they say they want it to be a boy.

Ethan, a few days after we told him, snuggles his face into my tummy.
Me: Awww! Are you giving the baby love?
Ethan: No!!! I smelling the baby!!!!!!

Hahaha, he cracks me up!


We Are Expecting!!!

John, myself and the boys are excited to announce that we are going to have a new addition to the family!!!!!  Excited, overjoyed, elated are a few of the words to describe how we all feel right now.
After having Ethan I truly thought I was never going to have another baby, not because I did not want one (because I did) but because, let's just say circumstances were less than ideal at the time.
John definitely did not expect to ever be...expecting... again either! But I guess we both never expected to find each other. =) This is something we have talked about since day 1, and the time is finally here and now!
First things first... Need that cocoa butter to keep everything in check!!
Next, baby naming, it takes me forever to find a name I like, so the earlier start we get, the better!!

I have lost 2 pounds but my tummy is obviously growing!!

I put on 40pounds each pregnancy, believe it or not, so I'm ready!

Thanx to Mummy and Daddy for good, genes, I always pop right back to …