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The Climb

How can life be so hard sometimes, and then be so beautiful?

My husband always tells me, "You have to go through great lows to get through great highs."

And boy do we know this first hand!! Maybe it is to be able to appreciate what you have once it arrives.

Maybe it "builds character".

I think it is all just a test.  A test to see how you handle the bad, and that is when your future is determined by karma.
As long as you can be kind and loving and always, always stay positive, that is what will come to you in return.

Whatever the reason, I don't care, all I know is that it is worth it.

Keep being good, keep doing good and the blessings will never end.

I find myself everyday always in a "moment", a continuous moment of pure happiness and joy.
There are times I never thought I'd get here, many people say this is not possible.
I have never ever believed them.
Actually, it may be even better than I thought it would be.
3 AMAZING kids, a wonderful h…

Ethan The Entrepreneur

Ethan is always looking for ways to make money.
He loves numbers, and he loves money even more, and he doesn't mind working hard for it either.
John and I always encourage the boys to work hard but Ethan always takes it to another level.
I remember once he said he wanted to be the boss, I told him then get a job and make money, he said okay, I will!
And hasn't stop since!
He started a lemonade stand and I decided that once it was nice and warm I'd add the "Mummy touch" to it and help bring in some more business.
He is really making money off his lemonade!
Kaiden saw the profit and decided he wanted to get in on the business and came up with a marketing plan to help sales and started doing some consulting for Ethan.
He thought it would be a good idea to make sign and put them up all over the neighborhood to advertise the Lemonade stand, and Ethan and him arranged an  amount of payment for Kaiden for his work.
And just like that Ethan was a boss.  =)

Ummm, hello!!…

1 Year Anniversary

This past year has been amazing, everything we ever dreamed of, and our Anniversary celebration ended our 1st year together on the same magical note it began on.

John planned a surprise anniversary for me.
 Well, not a surprise since I knew there was a plan, let's call it a "blind" anniversary since I knew something was being planned but I didn't know what it was.

First he started by flying my sister out to baby sit the kids, then whisked me away to Atlanta, yes, Atlanta.
Maybe not the most romantic place... unless of course he has planned a private dinner at our wedding venue to recreate our wedding!!
I have talked non stop about our wedding day for the past year saying I wish the day lasted for ever so he took the opportunity to take me back and recreate it.

He got the same lady to make the same flavored cake, a delicious dinner and a a photographer to capture every moment.

I was even able to get my swarovski crystal head piece from Mummy to wear.

We danced to our…