Wednesday, June 5, 2013

1 Year Anniversary

This past year has been amazing, everything we ever dreamed of, and our Anniversary celebration ended our 1st year together on the same magical note it began on.

John planned a surprise anniversary for me.
 Well, not a surprise since I knew there was a plan, let's call it a "blind" anniversary since I knew something was being planned but I didn't know what it was.

First he started by flying my sister out to baby sit the kids, then whisked me away to Atlanta, yes, Atlanta.
Maybe not the most romantic place... unless of course he has planned a private dinner at our wedding venue to recreate our wedding!!
I have talked non stop about our wedding day for the past year saying I wish the day lasted for ever so he took the opportunity to take me back and recreate it.

He got the same lady to make the same flavored cake, a delicious dinner and a a photographer to capture every moment.

I was even able to get my swarovski crystal head piece from Mummy to wear.

We danced to our 1st dance song, he re-read his vows, I wrote something new, and it was amazing!

For almost 4 years now we have talked about how amazing our 1st kiss was and I have had this vision of it in my mind for so long so I thought the perfect gift was to have an artist re-create it for me, and luckily he loved it, even more than I expected him to.

He got me the  most delicate, beautiful very "Becca" ring.  I keep telling him it makes me feel like a perfect present.  I love it!

Then, yes, there is more!  We stayed at Chateau Elan where we stayed our wedding night.  Talk about a flashback day!

As one of my friends pointed out, every day in my life with John is romantic, but this day was amazing.  It was like our wedding all over again!
I will never forget this anniversary, good luck topping it next year John!! lol (I'm sure you will find a way.)

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