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A New Life

I am so thrilled at how well Amalia has handled school and has become such a "big girl" a home.

From day one never a single tear or complaint about school.  She comes home satisfied and even better... tired!

Our relationship has changed so much, we have gotten closer since she is getting the stimulation she needs at school and I am getting the time I need at home without interruption or constant messes being made.  Oh, and I signed up for monthly subscription for a weekly chiropractic visits... I think I should add a weekly massage to that.  Life.  Changing!! They actually do children too, I wonder if it would change their lives too? Lol, worth a try!

And she is just like me, super grumpy after a nap, lol!


Yet another activity to fill our weeks with!

With a total of 3 days a week basketball has been keeping us pretty busy, along with trying to keep up with cub scouts.  Sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself, but then I remember that the kids enjoy their activities so much and I know it's totally worth it.

I promise I took photos of Kaiden's game and the pics are missing! I would wait to get more, but I've had these photos in my camera for a month and we are unfortunately missing our game this weekend (but for a very good reason), so I figured it's post now or never!!

Best part about staying so busy aside from the kids happiness, winter is going by quickly and I hardly have a moment to remember how cold and untanned I am.

Let's not forget their cheerleader.  "GO Kaiden! Go Efan! Slam dunk that basketball!!"

Amalia's First Day

Today is day 3 of Amalia in school.
It is so very quiet around here.  No tv, no little feet running around, no giggles, no girl talk.
I almost feel like my breath has an echo in the house and I can hear each key loudly as I type this.
And it's actually a bit depressing talking about it.
Good news is I get 10 times more done in 1/4 the time, and 1/4 the effort.
Then things stay clean.
She's only gone for 3 1/2 hours so we get gym time and before I look around it's time to pick her up.

And let me keep it really real here, the moment we are home with her she's driving me completely crazy and I wonder how I ever managed with her all day!  She is my little best friend. =)

Oh and she is absolutely loving it!

Christmas 2014

After a busy fall and Beginning of winter all I wanted to do this Christmas, (And beginning of January) is relax, relax relax!

My Christmas wish was to have a nap while everyone played video games (and of course a new lens, and lots of VS)  2 naps later my Christmas wishes came true, and so did everyone elses. =)

For the next 4 days the PS4 was all the boys, and by boys I'm including John, were in front of the tv playing, which means major points to me for getting it for John (them).

And truth be told I have been relaxing quite a bit since trying to enjoy the quiet peaceful winter for a while before life gets busy again.

Hope you all had a great Christmas!

Winter Days

We have been luckily having a very mild winter, I am so happy a lot of it has gone by and I've only gotten cold a few time.

Before the light show we had a walk to the lake, so happy I brought my camera!

Amalia fell asleep after church and even though I brought her a change of clothes I didn't get to change her and every time I see these pics i think she looks like she is visiting Narnia.