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Baby Katie

I know this amazing couple here on the Palm that has the most adorable little daughter.  Since she is the youngest in our group we call her "Baby Katie".  She has the sweetest personality and beautiful red hair.  I have been wanting to shoot her since the first time I saw her sweet little face and I was lucky enough to have her parents want me to shoot her as well! Here are a few of my favorites!

Pre Birthday Shoot

In less than 2 months Amalia will be one! At 8 days old Amalia had newborn photos done. Coming up to her 1st Birthday I had this idea to recreate these photos now to show what a difference a year makes. Take note of her newest set of teeth!!

Start Your Engines!

On Amalias 10th month Birthday this weekend we took her to her first race!
Ethan was bored to tears! He is more the active sporty type.
Kaiden was interested for quite a while.
John and I, we like the way the engines vibrate through our souls.
Amalia... she was in the zone!
Watched until she fell asleep in her Daddys arms.
Other kids were crying saying it was too loud, nothing but white noise to our baby girl!
Coolest part... watching this car catch on fire! We were right beside the action!

Getting Out

We have been getting a bit boring because we are so content with the beach and pool.
Since we had to run out to get something we decided we need to drag the kids away from their friends and go out for the day. First we went to the Ferrari store since Kaiden's room has been redecorated with everything Ferrari. He has been more interested in cars now since so many spectacular cars drive by all day long. I think John is finally getting used to it.  The other day within 60 seconds of each other he saw 3 Rolls Royces.  After saying, look at that RR twice he realized its pointless pointing out nice cars all the time.
There is also a park not far from where we were that I have been so anxious to go to because it looks so beautiful driving by it. The temperature has been between 68 and 75 so it is perfect park temperature. It is pretty cool that Amalia's first time on the swing the Burj Khalifa is in the background.   I loved this park! We are definitely going back!

Amalia 9 Months Going On 2 Years!

Ever since Christmas she has been growing by leaps and bounds.
She is so smart it's scary.
She can stand on her own for a couple seconds, which means walking is only a few weeks away.
The past week I have been thinking that she was saying words.
I wasn't completely sure, but daily they get clearer and clearer.
Like, "bath time", "ready?" "good girl!' She is basically a parrot and says whatever we say.
She thinks it is hilarious.
I heard that girls talk quicker, but goodness gracious I was not expecting this!
Check out this short video clip!

Amalia can talk

That by the way is a wick trimmer, not a scissors.  And for all of you that aren't obsessed with candles and don't know what it is (most of you since you aren't candle nerds like me), it is not dangerous at all!

New Years: Palm Perspective

As amazing as 2012 was, bring on 2013!
And of course we were exra excited about celebrating it here in Dubai, which is one of the top 4 places to be for the New Year along with New York, London and Australia.
New Years Day we decided to nap and have the kids nap since we were all celebrating together, and because John has really been wanting to do this, we napped on the beach.
We also spent the day on the beach.

 Met all our friends at the beach club, the kids met all their friends att he beach club as well but stayed on the beach most of the night.
It is so fun when you are having a great time with your friends dancing and laughing and you look down on the beach and your kids are doing the exact same thing!
We reserved a bed on the beach to watch the firework display, spectacular!
What a way to start the New Year!

Here you can see the Burj Al Arab, behind it is the Burj Khalifa so we got fireworks from both, and to the left of us is Atlantis (no pics of that though).

So curious ab…