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Labor Day Weekend

We went to the lake over Labor Day weekend, I think it'll be our last day at the lake for the year.
If you know me any at all you know I'm getting all decorations and plans as I gear up for one of my favorite times of year, fall.

I have found myself recently taking a few photos and then putting away my camera and enjoying the day, this time I missed capturing some very epic  moments, many of which I probably wouldn't have posted any way, but let's just say a lot of people were having a lot of fun and I just watched and laughed so hard!

My kids woke up very sore today from all their activities, canoeing, jet skiing, tubing and much more.  They could hardly move but still managed to drag themselves to church, which was also fun thanks to Amalia.  She kept telling them, "Close eyes boys!" And, "Shhh!" and starts telling other peoples kids the same thing!
Who made her prayer police?! It's just so funny and so cute.  What another great weekend for t…

5 Years Of Adventure

The past weekend John and I celebrated 5 years together.

I can never have to many excuses to have a date night, that's for sure!
Not only that, but it was on a Friday that we first started dating, and this year it fell on a Friday as well.

The Saturday after I was invited to an annual BBQ, and John came with me.  So of course this year we showed up back to the same BBQ! Every time we go back we remember the very moment I was walking up to John 5 years ago and we were both looking at each other thinking, "Wow! This is someone I'd be proud to be with, I can't believe we are here together!"

Everyone was so surprised and excited to see us because they all know that is where we had our first date and here we are 5 years later married with a baby, ok fine, toddler.

The kids had so much fun, as always, and being in the same place with a completely different set of circumstances really puts in perspective how much finding each other has changed our lives.

Whenever I loo…

Learning To Be Friends

Today Amalia's adorable friend came to hang out for a little while.
They have been friends for just over a year now and I really enjoyed watching how much they have changed.   The biggest change being that they can actually communicate with each other! "I love you".  "No you don't, you're mean." "Come and watch the rain with me, do you hear the thunder?" "Want to see my room?" "Let's play in tent."
And now they play together, that never used to happen!!  They have also learnt to share and another BIG difference is their hair!!  Getting so long and beautiful.
I was hoping to get more photos but with some very unwilling 2 year olds and tornado warnings that didn't happen, but they are still so cute!
And I'm telling you, Kinleigh and Ethan look like brother and sister! 

1st Day Of School

All I can think is, "Already?!"
This is easily the fastest summer of my life so far, it feels as though only 2 weeks has gone by and here we are back to the first day of school.
Ethan is in 3rd and Kaiden in 5th.  Wow, just wow!
I met their teachers and I really like both of them and I know they will have another successful school year, and I am sure the time won't slow down, not one bit!
It's beginning to cool down and all I can think about is fall, already!  What's scary is I could put Amalia in Montessori now if I wanted to, when did she get this big?!
Once the boys are settled in school I am going to start homeschooling her, I am not ready to send her quite yet.
This morning when I was taking their "first day" photos Amalia runs in the picture and smiles.  Kaiden says, "It's not her first day!"  To which I responded, "You try telling her that!!

Awards Evening

I always swore I would never, ever... EVER go on a stage.
Last year a friend of mine asked me to do a speech at her wedding, to my surprise I wasn't nervous and I was very good at it.
When John asked me if I would like to be a greeter and help with the awards ceremony it was an easy "yes".
I got to wear a pretty dress and be a part of the event and work even more closely with John.

And the best part was we won our first award together!

The guest speaker was Rudy, from that movie "Rudy".  He was so good and I'm such a softy I had to try and not cry a few times so that I wouldn't mess up my make up.

Such a wonderful evening acknowledging others success.