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Wrapping Up Summer

The summer has flown by and school starts next week.  The time seems to go by quicker and quicker all the time, I'm already thinking about fall activities! As much as I like summer, it has been brutally hot here in GA and I am actually looking forward to it cooling off.

Wrapping up Drama Camp the boys took part in a cute play.

Kaiden was the voice of the Grumpy Old Troll, He did a fantastic job!

Pretty amazing that Kaiden is my shy, more conservative son and he goes up there, speaks loudly and clearly with confidence, and Ethan, my outgoing, no fear son does quite the oppisite....

School begins next week for them both.  Ethan will be in Kindergarten, I am excited to watch him perfect his reading skills throughout the next year.  This is his last year in Montesorri, hope he makes the most of it!!

Kaiden will be in 2nd gr
ade, such a little man now, a gentleman at that. 

The boys are keeping me busy usual, not  long after this was taken we had an injury.  Did that stop him??? NO WAY!…

Jumping Through Hoops and Making Wishes

I haven't been blogging, much.  As it turns out in the past few weeks I have gained a personal life, and by personal I mean can't post on my fb or blog even though there is way more than usual to talk about.

The boys have been very sweet and amusing. 
Ethan came into the room after they were put to bed (He insists on wearing Johns t-shirts to bed).

Ethan: Mummy can you pull my eyelashes out?
Me: Youre eyelashes?
Ethan: Yes, pull them out
Me: why would you ant to do that?
Ethan: Kaiden says I should!
Me: And you listen to everything Kaiden tells you to do?
Ethan: mmm hmm (smiling)

Kaiden comes in smiling.
Kaiden: Did you pull out his eyelashes?
Me:no! Why do you want him to pull out his eyelashes?
Kaiden: Because I want to make a wish!

These kids make me laugh.

John has been "training" the boys.  He loves teaching them skills then showing them off for everyone to see.  With Ethan its twisted summersaults and backflips into th pool.  He has him jumping through hoops... …

Survived The Chaos

The past few days has been a total rollercoaster.  Went to the ER on Sunday, tests were inconclusive.  Had to see my doctor on Monday.  She was not sure what to think of the results either and gave me her best guess and suggested surgery.  I told her no.  Last night I regretted it majorly.  I thought I was going to die, ok, that may be dramatic, but my doctor did think I may die, seriously.  Worst case death, best case emergency surgery, said she was expecting my call.  I broke this morning and called her, and rushed to the ER... again.

Got more tests done this morning and honestly, it is a miracle how much the results changed in 48 hours.  I went in with my doctor planning on giving me emergency surgery and she had to rush over and tell everyone not to touch me, because they were all wrong and I was going to be okay.  Whew! What a relief.  So after major pain meds, a rollercoaster emotional day, I am home and feeling great.
My ex-mother in law has been keeping the kids for me, she is…

And Summer Fun Continues

After being gone for 2 weeks, my boys are back!!
And as you can see from the pictures below, they are as sweet and as beautiful as ever!

 I really, really missed my little angels.  We are basically having typical summer days.  Lots of laughter in this home... and anywhere else we go. And of course, it's not summer without relaxing pool days!!

Can't wait till the weekend.  John has been so busy I feel like we haven't spent that much time together, so yay to Friday tomorrow. =)
Bitter, one of my best friends is moving at the end of July. Sweet, my other bff is moving here at the end of July!!!!! This is going to be so much FUNNNN!!! Do I hear a bbq with lots of jerk chicken and rice and peas?! Jamaican bff is a must have!

Are You Happy

One of my friends posted this and I thought it was cute, and so true!!! I can never understand why people are so miserable and change nothing about what they are doing, its nonsense.  Those are usually the same people that blame others for their problems and don't take the time to see what their contributions to their problems are.

Fortunately for me, I am not one of those people.  So what do I do? Keep on doing what I have been doing.

It has been almost 2 years since John and I have been together (time flies!!), and I noticed recently that we still walk around holding hands ans STILL hold hands in the car.
I know, it is kinda sickeningly sweet, but hey! It works, and we are still happy, and I am going to keep doing whatever I am doing!!!

The boys finally come home from spending 2 weeks with Jesse.  John and I have some wonderful news to share with them, and we will also share with our readers when the timing is right!!!

A Story About Perception

We started off our 4th at a poolside BBQ.  My jerk wings were a hit!!
Then a storm started coming our way so we left.  Shenelle met us at the house...
Then we hoped the rain would stop... but it didn't.  You would think that would break our spirits, I do admit that I was a bit disappointed, we decided to go see fireworks anyway.

This experience had me thinking, (I think A LOT).  Someone in my life recently got on me about "perception" about what other people think (and what they think) about the things that I, and other people do.  I don't worry about what people think about me and my life, and nor am I concerned about theirs. It however had me thinking very much about perception and its role in my life.  I realized that my view of the world is very different from everyone elses and that I can change my experience by changing my perception of the world, so I have been working on being more aware of this.

When the rain kept on coming down John and I and our friends, as …

Pictures Galore

I could use words to share my weekend, instead I will post pictures to give a brief update.

The first stop when we got Ivy from the airport was Little Five Points to grab a bite to eat and start catching up on the past 10 years that we have missed in each others lives.

 Second stop was the W hotel pool party to meet up with Binx and really get things started.
 Went to Atlantic station to see Shenelle we have all known each other since 3 years old in Jamaica.  Mini reunion =)
Next stop club Reign for a little music and dancing.  Honestly, after such a long day, a late... LATE night (Ivy and I stopped talking when the sun started coming up and the birds started chirping), we needed a quiet day.  After spending time at Mummys we had a candle lit monopoly game and ordered chinese. 
Happy 4th Everyone!!!