Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wrapping Up Summer

The summer has flown by and school starts next week.  The time seems to go by quicker and quicker all the time, I'm already thinking about fall activities! As much as I like summer, it has been brutally hot here in GA and I am actually looking forward to it cooling off.

Wrapping up Drama Camp the boys took part in a cute play.

Kaiden was the voice of the Grumpy Old Troll, He did a fantastic job!

Pretty amazing that Kaiden is my shy, more conservative son and he goes up there, speaks loudly and clearly with confidence, and Ethan, my outgoing, no fear son does quite the oppisite....

School begins next week for them both.  Ethan will be in Kindergarten, I am excited to watch him perfect his reading skills throughout the next year.  This is his last year in Montesorri, hope he makes the most of it!!

Kaiden will be in 2nd gr
ade, such a little man now, a gentleman at that. 

The boys are keeping me busy usual, not  long after this was taken we had an injury.  Did that stop him??? NO WAY!!

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