Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Survived The Chaos

The past few days has been a total rollercoaster.  Went to the ER on Sunday, tests were inconclusive.  Had to see my doctor on Monday.  She was not sure what to think of the results either and gave me her best guess and suggested surgery.  I told her no.  Last night I regretted it majorly.  I thought I was going to die, ok, that may be dramatic, but my doctor did think I may die, seriously.  Worst case death, best case emergency surgery, said she was expecting my call.  I broke this morning and called her, and rushed to the ER... again.

Got more tests done this morning and honestly, it is a miracle how much the results changed in 48 hours.  I went in with my doctor planning on giving me emergency surgery and she had to rush over and tell everyone not to touch me, because they were all wrong and I was going to be okay.  Whew! What a relief.  So after major pain meds, a rollercoaster emotional day, I am home and feeling great.
My ex-mother in law has been keeping the kids for me, she is such a sweetheart.  She brought them to see me in the hospital, which really brightened my day.  Mummy and Barbara have been so supportive and offered great advice.  My poor father was so so worried, he can't stand the thought of losing another daughter.  My sister Binx has been at my side.  And of course, John, who has had to, and continues to take care of me since I am ordered to not do anything but go to the bathroom.  He has been so helpful and patient.  Thank God for miracles, friends and family who has been there for me and reminded me how blessed I am to have such wonderful people in my life.
Before all the chaos, we took a drive on Saturday, got to love GA, it can be so beautiful.  Here are some pictures from our pleasant day before the madness.

We found this cute little wishing well, happy I had my camera in my handbag.

My little Pumpins, what I live for.
 You are taking a picture with me, whether you like it or not!
 My little handsome.
 My big handsome

Then we found this cute barn and stopped to take a peek.  The horses across the field saw us and ran over, one in particular had a special bond with me. Unfortunately the boys fell asleep and missed it.

 Don't eat me!
Sharing a moment
Always Grateful

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  1. Glad "we" all made it through the weekend. Sit back and relax, even though that is like a punishment for you. I love love love all the pictures. My favorite is the one with you giving the horse smooches. Love you all and I'll see you soon! xoxo