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Raingutter Regatta

Even though Kaiden has been gone for a year his cub scout den has done an amazing job making him feel like the group literally the entire time we were gone.
Now that we are back they invite him to every event and have made us feel like we never left.
(I completely appreciate their den leader and his friends who have made him feel so included this whole time.)

So anyway, time for the rain gutter regatta!
We, I found out, broke the rules on our boat, but hey, we totally won every race!

Kaiden did a great job and enjoyed the experience.

The gentleman I am racing is the ULTIMATE competitor.
Their family and our family may very well and be the most competitive people I know and I gladly accepted a challenge!

We did have an unfair advantage, but hey, we won!!
It was so much fun!

Antiquing Furniture: No Sanding

For months now I have been telling my hubby that I want to try re-finishing a piece of furniture just to see how it turns out. We were driving home when I saw a garage sale sign and we went to my first ever garage sale. We found these 2 tables and figured it'd be the perfect time to experiment with the idea. We love the outcome so much we can't wait to do it again. Step 1:
 We went to  lowes and they mixed the color chalk board paint we wanted.  Why chalked board paint? NO SANDING! Yes, really, no need to sand!
We had them custom mix a light gray for us.  When painting don't worry about the brush strokes, it adds to the character.

Step 2:
We watered down some sample white paint and added a coat over the gray.  Don't worry about how white it looks, it dries almost clear.

Step 3:
Sand the corners and edges that would naturally get some wear and tear. We sanded the top and side smooth surfaces as well.

Step 4:
We got an almost clear wax and added ebony furniture stain.  …

Re-united And It Feels So Good!

After living on the beach we have been having some serious withdrawals.
Since we were in Atlanta an the boys went with their Grandparents to N.C., we decided to take a quick trip to the beach!!
My best friend Darrell used to live there so I sent him a text saying I was going to his hometown, he texted back saying he was there!!
What a nice surprise!

Happy Birthday America!

I must say this was the most meaningful 4th of July to me.

After moving out of the country I have a whole new appreciation for America, mostly because...
1. Target
2.  Publix
3.  Hobby Lobby
4.  Michaels

So yay for America!

We had fun on the lake visiting with Mummy.
We are trying to visit with her as possible before her big move.
I wish we had Illinois sunny weather though! lol.
The rain didn't let us skip a beat, Amalia LOVES rain!

We got to see fireworks from the back of the car, Amalia slept through them, lol!
 Ethan was cranky because f the rain.  The rest of us enjoyed it!

We Have Moved... AGAIN!

Yep, it's true, we have moved... again!

This move wasn't that big of a move though, and had to happen.
When we moved from Dubai all we left with was our suitcases and had to have everything else shipped so we rented a furnished home.
As much as we loved the house, it was gorgeous, we are THRILLED to have our things back, so yay!

Of course after organizing everything and getting necessary furniture, first things first...

I adore this wreath I made, it makes the new home feel like ours from the moment you see it.
So welcome home to the Benhams!