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House Boat

I can't believe it is still May and yet I have another post!
Finally we have had a few days to relax and do nothing.
Sunday, house boat, Monday pool.
today we are back to planning and being busy.
Tomorrow we have some family coming into town so we are about to be super busy all over again.

 This computer just refuses to save my... uh, saves!! So heres another sideways pic.
 Okay, I won't lie I had a hard time posting this pic because I'm not quite where I want to be, but it was a wayyy too cute family pic to not share.
 He LOVES giving his sister kisses!
 11 week on the dot and she rolled over!! This is her trying to do it again, half way there! 3 times back to back! That's our girl!! Her peace sign! haha

Johns facebook comment on this pic:
So Amalia rolled over Sunday at 11 weeks old while we on the houseboat with some of our great friends...but when we reviewed the pic we noticed she was saying "peace" with her hands. Oh no she didn't! Show off! Told…

I Said Yes!

We have so many new and exciting things to look forward to.  Right now its the wedding! Yes, we are engaged!
I know most of you are saying, "Its about time!"
And we have talked about this for a very long time, and now the time is here and we could not be more excited!
We are over achievers so even though its fresh, a date is set!

We have these beautiful engagement pictures taken by a fabulous photographer, he was so much fun to work with.
We found this beautiful spot in Cumming GA for the back drop.  Hope you guys love these as much as we do!

And of course, I know most you ladies are dying to see the ring, since a diamond is a girls best friend and all, so here it is!! (He did a great job! I LOVE it!)

Summer Here We Come!

I know I am blogging like crazy recently, May is by far the busiest month for me every year.
This year is even way crazier than normal. 

The graduation ceremonies continue at the park.

Amalia is so good at being out and about with us all the time.
Shes a baby on the go.
Most of this will make more sense in future blogs, you will see all the things we have been up to.

Ok,  I am about to be such a Mummy.  These videos of Ethan at his graduation party melts me to pieces, seriously tears me up.

The one where he is reading he was so nervous and skipped a few words, he is just too cute.
The last day of school i tomorrow! Yay.. I think.
Sleeping in is great but having 2 kids that need to be entertained, not so great.

My Little Graduate

I still see Ethan as a baby, and here he is graduating!
I am so proud of him.  It makes me look back at all the hard work he has done and all he has accomplished. proud Mummy.
It is kind of weird because I worked at Preston Ridge from I was 18-20.  I kept going bringing the baby (Kaiden) to visit all the time, then baby Ethan.  They both then attended Preston Ridge and the staff has become kind of a 2nd family.
I guess this is just the beginning of a new stage of mine, and their lives.

And in my free time ( I admit, I don't have much) I took a few pics of Amalia in this cute little hat Mummy's friend made for her!

Stir It Up

For the boys birthday (yes, the celebrations continue) we had a birthday dinner at Stir It Up in Little 5.
The food there is really good and the rum cake... YUM!

 Ok, so I promise it was way more fun than they are making it look! They were just annoyed with me for constantly wanting pics.
But I swear I had a good reason1 Remember this?
And here she is fitting the outfit! Talk about flash backs and time flying!  I cant believe she is here and so big already!!
 Happy Birthday (again!) boys!!
 On the way home there was a beautiful double rainbow.  It was way more spectacular than the picture shows. We had a major day that day and the rainbow was almost telling me that we are making all the right choices.

Double The Fun

This week is always extra busy for me.  Kaidens Birthday is today and Ethans on Saturday.  We had our yearly pool party yesterday.
the weather was perfect.

I had a hard time having them cut this cake

 No matter how many times I save these pictures upright they load sideways. Grrr, very annoying.
A few more days of celebrating and I can relax, I hope.
I do not think I have ever been this tired in my life.
All major life changes are happening to me all at once.
It is exciting, I am very grateful but so drained. 
I am spending most of today at home snuggled with Amalia till I have to go celebrate with Kaidens class.

I love these 2 boys so much and I am proud of them and I will do anything for them.  I am a very very lucky Mummy.  A very happy birthday to them both, and I hope I made it special for them.

Missing Rachael Bowen

It has been 9 years since she passed today.
I woke up this morning remembering a dream about her I had last night.
We had plans together and she was ditching me to go with someone else and I was upset and she told me that I don't need her anymore.  What does she know, right?

Weird that no one I live with knows one of the most important people in my life.  I feel like shes still here and it catches me off guard when I say something about her and realize that she almost never existed to them.

Missing you like crazy. Thank you for sharing 19 years with me.

I Luf Mummy

Mothers Day was so sweet. 
Flowers, breakfast in bed and the final charms to complete my bracelet.
The boys made me the cutest cards, My favorite line is Ethans "I luf Mummy" how precious.

 Ethan added a dollar from his wallet
 When me Mummy and Binx get together we have so much fun!
 Squeakers first Mothers Day!