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Memorial Weekend

Because I'm so patriotic (pat on the back), I accepted the invitation to have Kaiden participate in a scouting event that honored the American soldiers.  It was special and sweet, the scouts placed the flags by the headstones and individually saluted each one.  They covered 18,000 graves that day.

It was the perfect weather to do it and a beautiful location, a very early morning but totally worth it!

On another note, Mummy is FINALLY back from Jamaica after 3 long months.  My Grandmother is still holding on, but it has become more and more of a struggle with great pain and physical suffering.    I am still super happy to have Mummy back. =)

What we have been doing aside from this? POOL, pool, and more pool.  I have an amazing tan, and contrary to what John would tell you I am darker then he is (yes John, I went there!!! lol).

Treasure Hunt

When we were going to Jamaica with the boys I realized that I only had winter clothes for them and hadn't done their 5 or 6 year old summer clothes shopping yet because it was still cold in Atlanta.  I had 2 full weeks of non stop shopping getting shirts, shorts, swim trunks, sandals, swim shoes, sunglasses, you name it, I probably bought it.  Not to mentions coloring books, tubes for swimming and many other activities to keep them occupied while we traveled.  I had all these bags everywhere full of stuff and the boys were at Jesses that weekend and I didn't want to pack all the stuff for them.  We considered laying out piles in their room, I still was not satisfied with that idea, then all of a sudden it hit me, a Treasure Hunt! (Just call me genius, I don't mind, promise).  So we put items in piles and started coming up with cute rhymes and semi easy clues and places to hide their stuff.  Once we got the whole thing planned out John went online and found pictures that wa…

Grand Finale

After a loooong week of birthday festivities, the main party was yesterday. Ethan wanted puppies, Kaiden wanted Sonic, I tried to talk them into a cool pirate theme with eye patches and blow up swords but they wouldn't budge. Sigh.  What the birthday boys want, birthday boys get.

 Yes, I do realize his cake isn't a puppy, you want Bowsers castle? Bowsers castle it is! Thanks to Jesse for getting the amazing cakes.

Once the main guests left it was time to finally relax after a crazy week.

 Me and my girls. =)
Just when I think I can relax for a while, summer break has snuck up on me.  Wednesday is the last day of school, camp doesn't start until June... I know you other parents feel my pain!

Slip and Slide. Boys will be boys!

As part of the birthday week, and since Ethan got a slip and slide for his birthday, we had to break it out!!

King of the slip and slide. 
 They thought this was hilarious!
 Lil homies.
 Dying to hop in!!

Summer is going to be WONDERFUL!!!!

The best thing about the south... hydrangeas.  They grow so fast, 2 teeny plants I got a few short years ago have about 50 blooms this year!

Boys Birthdays

This week has been incredibly busy.  Kaidens birthday was the 17th and Ethan the 19th.  Especially since their birthdays are so close I try to make them each feel special on THEIR day, and then we are having a big pool party on Sunday for both of them.
On their birthday morning they come down to a decorated house with a few of their gifts and a cake...

Then next is going to their school for cupcakes and a small celebration....
Apparently at Ethans school kids aren't allowed to use the monkey bars until they are 5, so the teacher and all the kids took him out to the playground, crown and all, everyone gathered around while Ethan got his first try on the monkey bars!
THEN (yes, there's more!)
After school all the neighborhood kids come over to play, have some cake etc.

The week has all in all been WONDERFUL and I am so happy for the boys.  Secretly I can't wait for the weekend and party stuff to be over, I stress myself out trying to make everything perfect for them, they defin…

Rachael Bowen

Today makes 8 years since we lost her.  Seems crazy how the times flies.  I tried for so long to remember every detail of her, her voice, her smile, her personality, her hands... I wanted it to be 2 days ago forever, so I could remember her perfectly.  After not hearing her voice for 8 years, I only have a vague memory of what it sounds like, and I miss it.
I do remember singing our hearts out to spice girls, about 8 years after no one else listened to them anymore, I remember going to her room because I couldn't sleep and talking all night.  I remember May 14th, 2002, the last time I saw her, I remember word for word our last conversation.  I remember waking up to the news.  I remember the days, weeks and months after when I could do nothing but cry and pray for an angel to help me start to live again because I knew I couldn't do it on my own.  Then I found out that I was pregnant, due May 15th, I was sent an angel.  A year later, I, again, found out I was pregnant due May15t…

Honored to be a Mother

Ever since I was a little kid all I have ever wanted to do is be a mother.  Many times there are things I hope and wish for and when I get them I am disappointed, things/people rarely live up to my expectations.  Kaiden and Ethan have exceeded any thing I could have ever imagined a child to be, and I am honored to be their mother.

 I have had a rough last few days and I want to say a big thank you for all the prayers, love and support from all my friends and family.  Daddy is doing much better now, there are so many things I could wish to do to the people that hurt him, however, I am focused on keeping my mind and blog positive.

Mothers Day was very special and came along when I needed all the extra love the most.

  I woke up to breakfast in bed (yes, believe it, John cooked!) The bacon and omelet was delicious and very appreciated.  Not to mention the mimosas and chocolate covered strawberries!
On my bedside table were beautiful flowers... And, are you ready for this (may not mean mu…

Something Simple for Kids to do for Someone Special

For Valentines Day this year I wanted to do something different, and I wanted it to be a project for the boys (This can of course be done for any occasion or no occasion at all). I talked to them about it and they liked the idea of having a Valentine Brunch for mine and John's parents.  The rule was that it is the BOYS project.  That meant they had to help plan, arrange, prepare and put on the event with as little help from me as possible.

I started off by making invitations.  Since I wanted them to be pretty but simple enough for the boys to do, I got some magazines and had them go through and choose all valentine images, cut them out and glue it to paper leaving no spaces to see the paper.

Then I trimmed them to the size I wanted them to be as well as cutting off the uneven edges from their random gluing.   I then had them glue it to the card stock they chose at Michaels (which I carefully cut to the size I wanted).  While leaving it to dry I had them help me find a font and the …