Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Honored to be a Mother

Ever since I was a little kid all I have ever wanted to do is be a mother.  Many times there are things I hope and wish for and when I get them I am disappointed, things/people rarely live up to my expectations.  Kaiden and Ethan have exceeded any thing I could have ever imagined a child to be, and I am honored to be their mother.

 I have had a rough last few days and I want to say a big thank you for all the prayers, love and support from all my friends and family.  Daddy is doing much better now, there are so many things I could wish to do to the people that hurt him, however, I am focused on keeping my mind and blog positive.

Mothers Day was very special and came along when I needed all the extra love the most.

  I woke up to breakfast in bed (yes, believe it, John cooked!) The bacon and omelet was delicious and very appreciated.  Not to mention the mimosas and chocolate covered strawberries!
On my bedside table were beautiful flowers...
And, are you ready for this (may not mean much to you guys, but since I have been at every concert he has had in Atlanta since I was 20...) JOSH GROBAN TICKETS!!!!!

The boys gave me all their hand made cards...
And Daddy, who couldn't walk 10 steps the day before surprised me by coming upstairs to wish me a happy Mother's Day, an amazingly sweet gesture (I love you Daddy!).

Got a Mani and Pedi from Jesse and his Mom (yay!)

And to top it all off (this one made me cry), Kaiden wrote me a book, illustrations and all...(Notice the Jamaican colored dress, so thoughtful)

The book goes as follows:

The Pretty Mommy, By Kaiden Harker
This book is dedicated to my Mommy because she loves me.

pg 2
My Mommy is as pretty as a flower

My Mommy is so smart she can count money

My Mommy cooks the best curry chicken.

pg 5
My Mommys favourite thing to do is watch a movie

My Mommys favourite story about me is when I peed on her when I was a baby

Mommy and I like to play Mario together

pg 8
My Mommy likes when I show her my lost tooth

My Mommy makes me laugh when she tickles me

I know my Mommy loves me because she hugs me

pg 11
I love my Mommy because she loves me too

pg 12
Roses are red, violets are blue, no one could have a better Mommy than you!


  1. You are blessed Becca!

  2. I really am! And thankful to have friends like you =)