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Things in life that make me =)

I knew that eventually something would happen to give me an excuse to profess my dying love of Taylor Swift to the world and it goes like this:
Last night after putting the boys to bed, Ethan comes into my room
Me:Go to bed!
Ethan: But I can't!
Me: I said go to bed
Ethan: But Mummy, I can't!
Me:Yes you can, now go.

He storms out of the room only to show back up a few minutes later.

Me: Ethan, you need to go to bed, it's getting late!

He seemed very distressed and looked sooo cute.

Me: Why can't you go to bed?
Ethan: I have a song stuck in my head.

Oh boy, I knew immediately where this was going.  Since I got the fearless cd I play it in the car non stop and every SINGLE evening as I cook, even Ethan knows the words by heart, poor John as well. John and I went through the same thing a few weeks into me having the cd, the songs were in our dreams and kept us up at night.

Me: A song? What song?
Ethan: I don't know what its called.
Me:Well sing it.
Ethan: I can't
Me: Okay, but you have to go to bed

He, still unsatisfied stomps out the room.

I was in the room giggling with John because it was so cute and funny.  Again, Ethan shows up in the room close to tears.

Ethan: Mummy, I can't sleep!!! That girl!! That girl is in my head!
Me: Taylor Swift?
Ethan: (Nodding enthusiastically) Yes! That one!! And her voice, that song!! Its in my head, (holding ears) I can't take it anymore!!!!!

And he starts crying  My poor baby! I couldn't resist laughing, picking him up and pulling him on the bed, inviting him for extra snuggles. I grab my ipod and find the song that was stuck in his head and we, for the hundredth time enjoyed it together.  I put the song on repeat and left it in his room and he went straight to sleep.

On another note, this morning Kaiden also had an oh so very Kaiden moment.  Ethan is a bit dramatic to say the least, Kaiden is quite the opposite, together they are funny to watch.  Ethan wakes up and licks his fingers and wipes his eyes.
Me: Ewwww! Thats disgusting Ethan! You have to wash your face.  He goes in the bathroom (Kaiden is quietly observing our interaction), he comes back out, with his typical overly concerned face,
Ethan: Mummy, I can't get my face wet!!
Me: You have to wash your face, you need to get the spit off, It'll smell.
Ethan: (starts crying) But I don't want to get my eyes wet!!!!
Kaiden: Well, crying makes your eyes wet, so they are already wet!!!
Me: Yeh!!! What he said! Now go wash your face!

Kaiden always thinks of the brightest things to say.

Posted by John Benham and Becca Bowen


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