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Little Teethies!

We have a lot of teeth activity in our house.
First Ethan is over the roof excited that his tooth is (barely) shaking!
It has been tough for him being 2 years younger than Kaiden and the tooth fairy, and Kaiden having sleepovers, and Kaiden going on field trips etc., and now all these things are happening for Ethan.
Ethan is actually achieving much more than I expected in a short period of time.
He is quite the little mathematician.
I could not be more proud of his academic progress.

In other teeth news, Amalia's bottom teeth are about to break!
I did not see it coming because I didn't think she was teething, there have been no signs of it.
I thought, hmmm, maybe it's because she's a girl and she isn't developing as quickly as Kaiden and Ethan did.

And in my "gum check" yesterday I can see that it is about to happen.
Though I am excited, I am terrified!
I remember when Kaiden and Ethan got teeth, not a comfortable situation for me since I was nursing.

Keeping It Positive

My life seems perfect, and it is... mostly.
Most of you reading this are very VERY happy for John and I and know how deserving we are of each other and our life. There are always crabs in the bucket, no matter how you try to live a simple peaceful life, there are those who want to drag you down. Is it too much to ask to be left alone? Yes.  The answer is YES. I say something about "X", people turn it around to say I was saying it about "Y". "X" made me mad, very mad, I vented, in a place where "X" cannot see. (And "X" if you read this, I'm still mad at you! lol but have a great vacation anyway and let's start where we left off... except no yelling!)  I wish "Y" was not so offended by it, as it had nothing to do with them. Social media, while I am thankful for it, and I will not give it up because I stay in touch with all my dear friends and family, is a pain in the ass sometimes!
I have been blogging for over a year …

Weekend Shoot on Palm Jumeirah

This weekend I got the family together and forced them to do these pictures with me. Kaiden is an amazing assistant, he shot all the great photos that I was in. All I had to do was adjust my settings on the rebel t4i and he was on it! I love these pictures, I only wish we could have gotten one of the 5 of us. All photos taken in our "back yard". These are just funny! And also the reason why I did not get that many good pictures with the boys!

Back inside we snapped a couple "behind the scenes".

This weekend was good. Successful photo shoot, good dinner, then I woke up sick. It was nice because I never sleep in.  Ever. John took over my duties, gave me breakfast in bed and let me sleep it off until I felt good enough to go to the pool. We also had dinner planned with my friend Frances and her husband, it is always a pleasure hanging out with her. There have been sand storms here this week and I am wondering if that is why we have all been sick.  I don't know how…

7 Months

Our little beauty is 7 months old!
As I type she is chewing on my arm.  =)
Last night was very exciting, for me at least.
Every night John reads a few more chapters of a book we are reading (right now is catching fire) to me and she was up late and out of nowhere she said, "Mama"!!!!
Then she did it again!!!
It's about time!  Let's just say we stopped reading for a mini celebration.
And today in her crib, she called me!
It always amazes me how babies go from not knowing how to do something and doing it once and then they can do it again and again.
Today she also told me "hi".
I always look at her and say "hi!!" whenever I walk into a room or just anytime she looks at me.  So as always I said, "Hi!" and she responded!
It wasn't a clear "hi" but after she did it again twice I am confident that is what she is saying.
She is progressing so quickly.
The boys, who normally spoil her are turning out to be great disciplin…

No Rest For The Weary

Yesterday was sweet and sad, and maybe a bit boring. Amalia woke up with a fever and insisted on sleeping right on top of me on and off all day. Even though she was sick, and I did feel a bit cruel and selfish, I pulled out my camera and got to clicking. I simply won't give her a break! But it was worth it.   Look how sweet and peaceful she looked only an hour before she threw up on me. She is the prettiest little girl and oh so sweet.   I love photographing her. She still has a bit of a temperature today so it seems I am back on "pamper the baby even more than normal" duty.
My job is to lay on the couch and be her bed, her comfort, and anything else she may need.
And today I will give her a break from her modeling duties.
I have the best job in the world. I love my kids.

Beccabe Halloween

As you can all imagine, there aren't many halloween supplies here. There also isn't much craft supplies either. It is amazing what a little paper, ribbon and fabric can do! Made everything from the bows to the banner to the costume. Look at my sweet little ghost! I adore this little girl!

Just Another Seaside Weekend

On Thursday, which is the last workday of the week here, we saw a sign downstairs that every Thursday they will be having a kids movie at the beach club right downstairs from our condo.
So of course, we go.
It was Bee movie.  John and I didn't watch it, we chatted and enjoyed the sea breeze, and Amalia slept through it.
We say all the time that we don't know how we could ever adjust to living somewhere else.
Gym a few feet from our door, mini mart and restaurant and beachclub downstairs, pool and beach, perfect weather all year, gourmet grocery store a 3 minute walk to next door, subway that delivers, the grocery store even delivers!
I have gotten spoilt. We all have.
When the kids get their allowance they run down to the mini mart for a lollipop.
Amalia enjoys our daily walk to the gourmet grocery for a fruit tart.
Every one on the walk knows and loves her.
All the security in our building, the mini mart cashiers, the workers in the grocery.
I love this little community her…

Feels Like Home To Me

We finally got our shipment in a few days ago.
You would think that since we got rid of most our furniture before we left, to start fresh here, that it would be fairly easy. No. Not close.  Who owns this much stuff? Apparently us.   I had no idea how much clothes we had. And while unpacking etc. little Amalia, omg.   She's cute, she's sweet, I love her, but she is crawling! I thought she would perfect sitting before crawling.  That wasn't in her plans though.  I put her here, I find her there. I can't leave her anywhere. And then she wants me to hold her to help her walk... all the time. As though I want her learning to walk anytime soon, no thank you!

The good news is she's growing so sweetly. She is a very happy little baby. And I'm a happy Mummy. And her crib is here! In her own little quiet room. And our bed is here! My body is slowly easing the aches and pains caused by so many nights on an air mattress. And because Amalia has been crawling every time I p…