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Quite Possibly The Best Year Ever

All the hopes and dreams that anyone has ever had all happened to us in 2012.

Here is a look back.  
January A very pregnant me.  
February Happy 28th Birthday to me!  March, Birth of our Angel

April, Spring Break in Florida
May, My babies turned 6 and 8! June, Best Day of my life!!


 July, Honeymoon.  Germany, Greece and Denmark

August, Move to Dubai

September- Happy Birthday John! Move into our more permanent place.

October  November- If you know my husband

Boxing Day

In Jamaica (and maybe other places) the day after Christmas is called Boxing Day.

I have always told John about how my family and I always went to the beach together on that day and he always thought it was really cool.
So of course this year on Boxing Day we went to the beach.
             I think she likes the beach toys Santa brought her!

 These cute kids in their hideout at the guard hut eating oranges.  The life! Reminds me of when I was a kid!

Christmas With The Benhams

Since we decided to go to Christmas dinner at one of the best restaurants in Dubai, with our best friends in Dubai, I decided that I was making Christmas dinner for our friends on Christmas Eve.
I have to say I did a very good job!
Especially with it being my first time, I am officially a big girl now. =)

The kids could not have had a better Christmas morning.
Mummy and Binky joined us on skype while we opened presents and watched the kids go crazy!

Amalia was the best first Christmas John and I have ever seen with a baby.
I think maybe it is because of the excitement of the boys, but when she opened her gifts she went crazy singing and dancing and small bursts of sounds because she was just that excited!
Kaiden and Ethan their first Christmas were cute and more confused than anything.

She also started playing peek-a-boo on Christmas Eve and started walking (with the help of a toy) on Christmas day!
So much excitement packed into a short period of time, needless to say she has been s…

Merry Christmas From Dubai!

We are so beside ourselves excited for Christmas!
The boys Grandmothers and their Inky Binky have gone well out of their way to make sure they got presents from them under the tree, very sweet thank you all!

And it is, of course, Amalia's first Christmas!

We hope all our friends and family have an amazing Christmas, we love and miss you!

Probably The Most Cruel Christmas Prank

Ethan was watching a Rudolph Christmas movie.
When he was finished I noticed a pink bump on his nose, so I told him he was kissed by Rudolph.
John added that it would mean he would turn into a reindeer.
Ethan was then telling me that if he was a reindeer and could fly he would take me to see Aunty Rae Rae (my sister that died).
I thought it was the sweetest thing and wanted to get it on video to show my parents.
Well, it didn't quite go as planned.
And yes, we are evil, evil people for doing this, but no matter how much I watch it it makes me laugh so hard!!
Daddy, I know you will be falling over laughing!
Mummy, I know you will be heartbroken but laughing on the inside.
Binks, you will wish you were in on it!!!

This, by the way, was very hard to edit because if Amalia was sleeping and heard Ehans voice, she would wake immediately.
If she heard him crying, she would bawl.  Sweet sister.

And I am fully aware that I suck at editing, I HATE the tedious pr…


I know Amalia has already been saying "mama" and "dada" but she has said her actual official word!!
I'd be lying if I said I was surprised that it was "Mummy".
John and I went crazy!
She is just TOO precious and her little smiling face when she says it.

The only problem is now I spoil her even more than before.
How can I resist giving her whatever she wants when she says "Mummy"?

We have had the laziest weekend since we have been here.
On Friday (our Saturday) after hanging out at the beach we came in watched a movie and all 5 of us fell asleep on the couch!
What weekends should be sometimes!

This collage is hilarious! It's the "I refuse to look at the camera" thing she does.

 Love this cute little outfit!
Walk on the beach while the boys go swimming.
 I adore her with my whole heart and soul.
They finally got the heaters on in the pool.  Can't keep this girl out of the water!!
Upset with me for taking her out the pool.   …