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Christmas DIY

Since I know every scrapbook store in Dubai, I was a bit more prepared for Christmas than I was for Halloween.
Little bit or card board, a little bit of paper, some ribbon (which is impossible to get here) and voila!

We are ready for Christmas!

Everything hand made by me!

I chose to use "NOEL" as this banner because Kaidens middle name is Noel. =)
 In Dubai there are no Fireplaces for obvious reasons, I had to figure out how to hang the stockings.  Which by the way is 5 this year for the first time! A curtain rod, a pretty personalized wreath which I collected bits and pieces and hot glued, I think it came out pretty cute!   Stockings are hung!

 Believe.  I believe.  I did circles because I thought they looked like ornaments.

At first when the tree arrived I wished that I did not order a 9ft tree.  Once it was decorated and lit, I am in Christmas heaven!
Benham Christmas Season is in full swing!

I am already on to my next project, Amalia's Birthday!
I got 2 birthday outfits, can't choose between the 2, matching birthday pj's for the night before.
Can you tell I am excited?! Now to decide which outfit to match the decor to!
Oh the hard decisions I have to make!


  1. This is just beautiful! Move over Martha Stewart and others . . .


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