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Meet The Crew

I have been hanging our with these wonderful people that live by me.
We are all in different buildings but we meet for dinner on the weekends.
We also hang out during the week sometimes.

Denise, she is Amalia's replacement Grandma since Mummy is so far away.
She misses her Grandson so it works for them both.  She is extremely sweet and from New York.

Then there is Donna, Tiffany's Mom, from England.  And her husband Stewart who is A LOT like my Daddy.  I did some investigation and they are both Tauruses and in the Chinese Zodiac they are oxes! Go figure!!

 The cool part is we meet at restaurants in our back yard and the kids get along so well and run around playing on the beach and at the playground with lots of other kids while we get to hang out without ever really leaving home.

Right now there is a serious competition between Denise and Donna for Amalias love.  This came about because Amalia has been so attached to me and they were determined to get to hold her.   Looks like Donna is in the lead!
The difference between friends back home and friends here is huge.
And it's simple and makes sense.
None of us have family here, we ARE each others family.
I am so happy I found them. 


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Beautiful Baby Shower

This past weekend was our baby shower!!  We decided to do it a bit early because I am one of those over-organized, over-prepared types.  It was hosted by my best friend Kindle and my sister Bianca.

I told Kindle I wanted a slight winter wonderland pink theme since it is so close to Christmas and this is what I walked in to!
It was absolutely beautiful, and we were joined by all our best family and friends, we appreciate everyone that made this such a special day for us.

 This game was to guess how big I was and believe it or not the winner was Ethan!!
He definitely knows his Mummy!
 The chocolate diaper game. (It was Johns first shower, he must've thought we were all crazy).
 Getting ready for presents!! (The boys got to open them all).
 Kindle surprised the boys with a gift each.
It was a shirt with their picture saying "I'm the biggest Brother" and "I'm the big Brother" for the hospital.
Most thoughtful thing ever!!!
I wish I could relive this day over and ov…

Our Garden

I have promised the kids that once spring came around we can plant a garden since in our top back yard we have 2 big beds.
It was s a lot of work to clean out the beds it was full of debris that took us a long time to sift out, but it was oh so worth it!

I wish I had before and after pictures to show you just how bad it was, but I didn't think about it because I was in full on mission mode.

We still need to plant the second bed, it has been a bit rainy, and to be completely honest I am terrified of worms, caterpillars and snakes.

My community Facebook page has been posting about copperheads everywhere so I am hyper paranoid when I am out there, but I hope to get around to it soon!

Settling Into Spring

Georgia has been absolutely beautiful for spring so far.
I love almost aspects.
The blue skies, the greenery, the flowers, being outside, having our waterfall back on, nights outside and so much more.
I noticed today that my seeds are starting to sprout in our garden and that makes me incredibly excited and proud. I even love the rain and the storms, every thing is so cozy and not cold!

And best of all, having friends and family to enjoy it with.

The parts we could do without is the pollen and i85 going up on flames.