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Christmas 2015

I have never seen any kids as excited about Christmas as my kids were this year.

One of my best friends, Gerad, came over for Christmas Eve and made brownies for Santa.
Daddy also stayed several days with us which was really nice.

Christmas morning the kids were bouncing off the walls trying to get us out of bed.  I could have gotten up sooner but I was enjoying them dancing around the room with excitement so much I wanted to enjoy it a bit longer and soak in the moment.

The kids loved all there gifts and they thought they were done and they were so happy and thankful, then we pulled out their last gifts.
Amalia hugged her Range Rover and said, "This my fav-wit pwesent ever".

The boys started screaming Kaiden said, "NO!!NO!!! YESS! YESSSS!!!"

I think these photos are priceless.

We spent Christmas day at our good family friends house and we had the absolute best time.

Luckily the boys were able to spend time with their Great Grandfather from the Bahamas and got t…

Santa's Visit

We had our 3rd annual visit with Santa this past week, it was as cute and precious as always.
The girls faces when they heard the bells at the door and when Santa walked in was priceless.

I love all the Christmas memories we are making for the kids!

Thank you Santa Joe our family truly loves and appreciates you.