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Our Second stop was Nassau, Bahamas.
The kids Great Grandfather lives there so we have spent quite a bit of time there in the past, but this was Amalia's first time.

First stop was for some conch salad, as you will see in one of the photos Amalia was being really shy while a lady tried to convince her to wear shoes... nice try but not happening!  She still doesn't like wearing shoes.

Then we spent the day at Gramps' beautiful condo, I have always loved this place, absolutely breathtaking.  It was wonderful to see Gramps and Aunt Stephanie again, I haven't seen them in many years.

Great Stirrup Cay

Our first stop on our Bahamian cruise was Great stirrup Cay, which is the ships private island.

It was very relaxing for John and I, and loads of fun for the kids.

Kids had dinner with us most nights, but one night they ate with the other kids at the kids club, which they loved.

Ethan insisted on going straight back to the room after dinner.  His favorite part about being on the ship was ordering "free" brownies all night long.
He would call and order and then call back and say, "Excuse me, my brownies weren't warm, could you please bring me warm brownies?"
So cute and funny, and at least he was always polite!

P.S.  Hope all you Island people notice all de powder in de baby neck, lol!