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The Best Things in Life

We had an AMAZING Christmas.
It seems to get better and better every year.
We did stories with the boys, Norad Santa, baking, laughing, loving, enjoying, playing games... all the things that makes Christmas Eve special.
Ethan every year cries before bed on Christmas Eve.
He says his tummy hurts and his heart hurts every Christmas Eve thinking about Santa.
His emotions are so overwhelming he doesn't know how to handle it.

When we put out all the Santa gifts, while cuddling next to John, Binx on the recliner, I looked around at the tree, the presents the brownies and said, "We are so lucky".

This overwhelming feeling of gratitude filled me.
Looking at a mountain of presents and all I could think is that the best things in life... aren't things.

Brownies for the baby!

Even though I finished this forever ago I only just took pics of the headboard we made.
I am beside myself excited about Christmas!

The kids are really going to enjoy it, they are getting everything they put on their toys r us wishlist... and I think I am getting everything on my wish list too... he hee.

My sister is spending the weekend with us, and I am pretty sure she makes the absolute best brownies EVER, and since I have only gained 15lbs so far I think I'll use pregnancy as my excuse of why I should have double... okay, make that TRIPLE the amount everyone else gets.

I am finally taking advantage of the "I am pregnant" excuse since I am well into my third trimester and won't have the excuse much longer.

We have everything ready for our baby girl now I can't wait to see her pretty little face.


It has been so hard to remember to do the elves at night.
I am so much more forgetful... and tired than I was all the years before, but we have been managing well.

The elves have put up a tree in the boys room, made ginger bread men and other fun things.

On the changing table in the babys diapers.

Puppet show for all their friends

Making breakfast

Playing guess who...

They have ripped up Kiadens homework and broke Ethans favortie dvd, The Polar express.  Its so much fun messing with them.
This weekend we are going to use paper, that long roll of paper you put on the floor when you paint, and baracade them in their room so they will have to rip it to come out. 
I can't wait!

We have everything for the baby now, just the dreaded painting left to do.  I can't wait to have it all done. 
I will post pics of it all then, along with the headboard we made.

Beautiful Baby Shower

This past weekend was our baby shower!!  We decided to do it a bit early because I am one of those over-organized, over-prepared types.  It was hosted by my best friend Kindle and my sister Bianca.

I told Kindle I wanted a slight winter wonderland pink theme since it is so close to Christmas and this is what I walked in to!
It was absolutely beautiful, and we were joined by all our best family and friends, we appreciate everyone that made this such a special day for us.

 This game was to guess how big I was and believe it or not the winner was Ethan!!
He definitely knows his Mummy!
 The chocolate diaper game. (It was Johns first shower, he must've thought we were all crazy).
 Getting ready for presents!! (The boys got to open them all).
 Kindle surprised the boys with a gift each.
It was a shirt with their picture saying "I'm the biggest Brother" and "I'm the big Brother" for the hospital.
Most thoughtful thing ever!!!
I wish I could relive this day over and ov…