Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jumping Through Hoops and Making Wishes

I haven't been blogging, much.  As it turns out in the past few weeks I have gained a personal life, and by personal I mean can't post on my fb or blog even though there is way more than usual to talk about.

The boys have been very sweet and amusing. 
Ethan came into the room after they were put to bed (He insists on wearing Johns t-shirts to bed).

Ethan: Mummy can you pull my eyelashes out?
Me: Youre eyelashes?
Ethan: Yes, pull them out
Me: why would you ant to do that?
Ethan: Kaiden says I should!
Me: And you listen to everything Kaiden tells you to do?
Ethan: mmm hmm (smiling)

Kaiden comes in smiling.
Kaiden: Did you pull out his eyelashes?
Me:no! Why do you want him to pull out his eyelashes?
Kaiden: Because I want to make a wish!

These kids make me laugh.

John has been "training" the boys.  He loves teaching them skills then showing them off for everyone to see.  With Ethan its twisted summersaults and backflips into th pool.  He has him jumping through hoops... literally!  It makes me crack a smile watching John beaming with pride after Ethan "performs" for his pool audience.

Click HERE to view

And it so turns out that Kaiden has an excellent shot.  John boasts how he can't seem to miss.

 Ethan on the other hand came home upset, he can't seem to hit!! lol

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