Sunday, January 6, 2013

Getting Out

We have been getting a bit boring because we are so content with the beach and pool.
Since we had to run out to get something we decided we need to drag the kids away from their friends and go out for the day.
First we went to the Ferrari store since Kaiden's room has been redecorated with everything Ferrari.
He has been more interested in cars now since so many spectacular cars drive by all day long.
I think John is finally getting used to it.  The other day within 60 seconds of each other he saw 3 Rolls Royces.  After saying, look at that RR twice he realized its pointless pointing out nice cars all the time.

There is also a park not far from where we were that I have been so anxious to go to because it looks so beautiful driving by it.
The temperature has been between 68 and 75 so it is perfect park temperature.
It is pretty cool that Amalia's first time on the swing the Burj Khalifa is in the background.  
I loved this park! We are definitely going back!

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