Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Amalia 9 Months Going On 2 Years!

Ever since Christmas she has been growing by leaps and bounds.
She is so smart it's scary.
She can stand on her own for a couple seconds, which means walking is only a few weeks away.
The past week I have been thinking that she was saying words.
I wasn't completely sure, but daily they get clearer and clearer.
Like, "bath time", "ready?" "good girl!' She is basically a parrot and says whatever we say.
She thinks it is hilarious.
I heard that girls talk quicker, but goodness gracious I was not expecting this!
Check out this short video clip!

Amalia can talk

That by the way is a wick trimmer, not a scissors.  And for all of you that aren't obsessed with candles and don't know what it is (most of you since you aren't candle nerds like me), it is not dangerous at all!


  1. Ah so sweet, the girls wanted to see a few times and think she sounds like Penelope :)

    1. Our two littlest ones seem to have a lot in common!